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Hibiscus syriacus B’TWIST® LAVENDER ‘Mingravi4’ cov

Hibiscus syriacus B’TWIST® LAVENDER ‘Mingravi4’ cov

The flowering is different on several points compared to classic varieties: very numerous flowers, length of flowering effectively prolonging until the first frosts. But it is its colouring that makes the difference with this big bright red heart in the middle of a big tender lavender flower.
Consumers will love this easy, drought-resistant, vigorous and well-structured shrub with a spectacular abundance of summer blooms. In fact, the public voted this variety in the top 3 best varieties at the Euro-Trial on Hibiscus in 2019.

Very easy to plant: open field or pot, sun (partial shade possible), drought resistant, frost resistant (- 25 degrees). 

Product range

Wisteria x GRANDE DIVA range

Wisteria x GRANDE DIVA range

Wisteria x GRANDE DIVA range : A full range of 4 innovative wisteria, all registered for variety protection.
Multiplication of the GRANDE DIVA is done in March, by grafting with rootstock from the Wisteria sinensis. Really easy to cultivate !
From a young age, these Wisterias will have a lovely perfumed spring flowering.
A really easy range to sale with a lot of flowers in gardencenters !

Vigorous climbing plants, appreciating sunny exposures, against a wall, on a pergola, over a porch or arbour.
Easily pruned for planting in containers or small gardens, but can also be formed into a small standard tree. No specific climat requirement, rich soil with draining structure.

Availability of 4 varieties in this homogenous range (details in other page)
Range already in display in the collection of Wisley RHS Gardens in the United Kingdom.

Company profile

Fondée en 1838 au cœur de l'Anjou, Minier Professional Solutions est un acteur majeur de la production européenne d'arbres et arbustes d'ornement.

Grâce à notre collection végétale exceptionnelle, nous multiplions, greffons, bouturons et sélectionnons chaque année nos 20 millions de plants et jeunes plants couvrant une large gamme (arbres, arbustes, fruitiers, conifères, plantes grimpantes, bambous et graminées).

Nos 300 collaborateurs répartis sur nos 4 sites de production et 2 plateformes logistiques, ainsi que nos 60 viticulteurs régionaux, partagent leur passion des plantes, leur savoir-faire et leur créativité, dans le respect de la nature et des hommes.