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Soirée™ - Sweet Besties collection

Soirée™ - Sweet Besties collection

Discover the new and exquisite Catharanthus roseus hybrids - Soirée™. These versatile plants are not only beautiful but also perfect for mixing with other varieties and colours. Their charm and sweetness are irresistible to both growers and consumers, making them the perfect addition to any collection.

With their invaluable attractiveness for retailers and garden centres, Soirée™ will be the new star of sales tables. These little wonders are exclusively grown from cuttings so they are extremely resistant and future-proof. Perfect for those who are just starting their gardening journey and want a low-maintenance flowery friend. Currently available in five shades, from bright white to poppy and glowy cerise.

Soirée™ White is compact, bright, and sturdy; Soirée™ Hot Pink is sparkling and compact; Soirée™ Pink White Eye has strong branching; Soirée™ Cerise White Eye is extra rich in flowers; Soirée™ Light Pink Dark Eye is the most delicate colour of the line and a real eye-catcher. All of them are suitable for small pots (seven centimetre); Soirée™ collection is the perfect companion for container gardening, and they can light up even the tiniest of spaces.

More about the collection: www.soiree.eu

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Novelties added to the Senetti® Pericallis collection

Novelties added to the Senetti® Pericallis collection

If someone is already thinking about spring, that's why it is time to talk about Senetti®, our Pericallis variety suitable for early spring, the first plant to adorn gardens and balconies as early as the first days of March. The hot pink colour was what was missing from the quintessential early spring collection! Perfect for cold tolerance as a small plant this promotes compact growth and intensifies the attractive colour in line with this year’s trends.

Delicate and changeable in colour, when the plant is small the flowers have a more intense colour, switching to a pastel pink when the plant reaches the top of its size. Perfect for adorning boxes and balcony pots, this new Senetti® range grows compactly, favoured by cold cultivation without excessive heating (12ºC). This also benefits sustainable cultivation, which encourages growers to save money and devote less energy to cultivation, which also promotes the variety’s strength and durability, furthermore, it doesn’t need any pesticide. The colour is eye-catching and particularly attractive for the northern European market, with a bright yellow centre and delicate, but overall impressive pink petals. Furthermore, once cut, the flowers will bloom again. Senetti® Hot Pink is the first jewel to show off in early spring together with the new Senetti® Bright Carmine, the eye-catching plant with the biggest amount of flowers. The perfect patio plant, suitable for colouring tables in early spring as the first of the season!

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New Surfinia® Trailing collection, trailing is trendy!

New Surfinia® Trailing collection, trailing is trendy!

For those who adore Surfinia®, MNP / Suntory has great news! Immerse yourself in a stunning pink sea of exquisite flowers with the new Surfinia® Trailing Big Pink. This remarkable new variety is a result of the innovative work of our plant pioneers at MNP / Suntory in Leimuiderbrug (NL). Together with the Trailing Burgundy Yellow Red Picotee, Trailing Big Red, Trailing Hot Pink Cherry and Trailing Lagoon Blue Star, they are the latest trailing addition. A totally new range of Surfinia® with XXL flowers up to 8.5 cm, compact growth, extremely suitable for hanging baskets. The impressive amount of flowers is exactly what you can expect from an original Surfinia®, the best petunia in the world. Worth mentioning also the newest Surfinia® Dark Yellow Morn, a compact table Petunia with high branching and an intense, bright yellow colour. After celebrating 2023 the brand’s 1.5 billion sales anniversary in Europe since 1991, Surfinia® is proving again how it is simply the best by welcoming spring earlier and earlier in cities, garden centres and tiny villages. 


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The new Sundaville® Reds

The new Sundaville® Reds

Sundaville® is one of the MNP / Suntory's well-known signature brands, built up in 20 years during which it has become growers', propagators' and consumers' favourite. This new Red collection is made of three new bright varieties extremely suitable for small pot production which is the future trend MNP / Suntory sees for the coming years. Combining the small production with the plant earliness and the popularity of improved red colours (consumers' favourite since ever), these three new Reds are going to be the highlights of the 2024 IPM edition from the plant pioneers from Leimuiderbrug (NL). Let's explore them in more detail, they have their unique selling points. 

Sundaville® Topper Red Yellow Eye  has an intense bright red colour contrasting with a radiant yellow gold centre. Characterized by rich foliage, it is also versatile and suitable for larger pots. The richness of the flowers makes it a real Topper! 

Sundaville® Verona Red  adds a velvet touch to the deep red which sparks in the sunlight. This special variety fits perfectly in small pots, and its cuttings manage to grow in lower temperatures. So, extremely future-proof for production!

Sundaville® Bordeaux Red  here it comes, the earliest Mandevilla in astonishing red! Its flowers are bright and XXL. Most importantly, flowers do not fade under the hottest of sunlight, ensuring a perfect plant from early spring to late autumn! Furthermore, it is a friendly variety for growers, it needs very easy care and it is extremely suitable for small pots... already a favourite among some of MNP / Suntory's propagators! 

Explore the unmatched quality & variety of the Sundaville® Mandevilla collection, the widest you'll find. Don't settle for less. Try the new & improved Reds now, suitable for small pot production, process optimisation & early sales. Contact MNP / Suntory at hello@mnpflowers.com and visit the plant pioneers booth at IPM Essen 2024 in Hall 1 stand nr E47.1


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Sundaville® Gold

Sundaville® Gold

“She is golden!”

We can assure you have ever seen a yellow like this! The newest Classic Gold has a unique colour in Mandevilla / Dipladenia segment. Bright and shining like the sun at midday, she will light even the darkest of gardens. She grows compact with numerous flowers and her peculiarity, further her special colour, is that her hearts has different colours shades, from deep orange to bright red. She is a special one.


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Sundaville® Double Blush Pink

Sundaville® Double Blush Pink

“Double is always better”

Behold gardening fanatics and floricultural enthusiasts! Here it is! Like the old Dutch masters, it’s an authentic piece of art. The world’s first truly double-flowered Mandevilla. What did you say! Yes, you heard it right. It’s the world’s first truly double-flowered Mandevilla. The Sundaville® Double Blush Pink. Remember its name because it will bring you double happiness in the near future.

Excellent branching and flowering capabilities characterise this new variety whose habits seem the same as the Sundaville® Classics range. The Double Blush Pink garden performance is very satisfying and a pleasure for the eyes due to the particularity of the double flowers. 



Company news

MNP / Suntory introduces Soirée® Sweet Besties, a tiny symphony of colours & resilience in floriculture

MNP / Suntory introduces Soirée® Sweet Besties, a tiny symphony of colours & resilience in floriculture

Re-definition of sweetness: Soirée™ - Sweet Besties unveils a garden candy shop

Imagine stepping into a candy shop where every plant is a delightful treat for the eyes and the soul. Soirée™ brings this vision to life with its adorable, compact, and colourful varieties that are set to become the new besties of every gardener, from professionals to general plant lovers. These cute buddies are perfect for starters who cherish the joy of tending to a small flowery friend.

Key features: an oasis of resilience and possibilities

Soirée™ is not just about visual appeal; it's a promise of resilience and boundless possibilities for both growers and consumers. These plants boast exceptional resistance, making them future-proof and a joy to cultivate. Ideal for those who seek a low-maintenance yet vibrant addition to their green space, Soirée® stands as a testament to the beauty that endurance brings.

A symphony of colours: choose your favourite bliss

Indulge in the sweetness of choice with Soirée™. The collection offers five beautiful colours, allowing you to curate a garden palette that resonates with your style. Whether it's the purity of bright white of Soirée™ White, the soft allure of pink with Soirée™ Hot Pink, Pink White Eye and Light Pink Dark Eye or the bold richness of reddish shades, Soirée™ Cerise White. They all provide a spectrum of options to enhance the gardening and the retail experience. They are extremely suitable for small pots, very small… 7 cm pots! Wonders of nature even in the tiniest of spaces. Unlock the possibility to optimise the sales process maximising the display per square meter, creating a whole colourful wave on plant tables. 

Exclusive craftsmanship: from cuttings to the garden

The 'sweet besties' are exclusively grown from cuttings, ensuring that each plant comes with a set of sweet advantages. Crafted by the renowned Dutch/Japanese breeders from Sundaville®, Surfinia®, Senetti®, Princettia®, Beedance®, and other esteemed varieties under the umbrella of MNP / Suntory, Soirée™ embodies the legacy of traditional craftsmanship and innovation.

Join the Soirée® Experience at the IPM Essen 2024 Hall 1 stand E47.1

“As we introduce Soirée™, we invite you to explore the world of these cutest summer flowers, bringing joy, vibrancy, and a touch of sweetness to your garden” said Erwin Giezen, Head of Marketing, Communication & Trade at MNP / Suntory. Treat yourself to the Soirée™ experience, where resilience meets elegance, and every plant tells a story of craftsmanship and care, discover the official website www.soiree.eu and visit the MNP / Suntory booth at the IPM Essen 2024. You can find the plant pioneers in Hall 1 stand no. E47.1 in a new and cosy atmosphere. 

For media inquiries, product samples, or further information, please contact: info@mnpflowers.com


Company profile

We are MNP / Suntory.

We are “The plant pioneers”. Likewise, we're pioneers & trendsetters in breeding, selection, marketing, and licence management of the most innovative and superior quality (bedding) plants.

Our vision

“We want to help people create conscious spaces, where they can enjoy long-lasting beautiful plants that contribute not only to a pleasant view but also to their environment, flora, and fauna.”

Our mission

“We want to be an authentic authority within the floriculture sector. We want to be known for high-quality innovative products and surprising progressive marketing strategies. We intend to transfer the love for plants to the consumer in our whole chain business.”

What makes us unique?

Our history goes back to 1888, the year in which the first generation of the Ruys family in the Netherlands started their own horticultural company known as “Koninklijke Moerheim”. In 130 years, the company has grown from a small family business to a worldwide specialist in (bedding) plants. The marketing of unique and high-quality (bedding) plants is in our DNA.


The unique collaboration with Suntory® Flowers Ltd. enables us to produce the most innovative products from our breeding for more than 30 years, using the latest techniques. Thanks to strict and unique selection criteria and an eye for detail, we succeed in creating new markets instead of supplementing existing ones. By paying more attention to breeding and selecting unique properties and quality for the end consumer instead of production optimization, we have become experts and pioneers in the field of high-quality plants with unparalleled garden performance. We “consciously” do not have our production of cuttings and end products, but sell our genetics under licence to propagators & breeders. This allows us to fully focus on breeding, selection and effective marketing.


Due to our extensive knowledge of the market and our “fingerspitzengefuhl”, we always dare to stick our neck out and fully believe in our products. That is one of the reasons why we determine the trends of tomorrow. Our products are so progressive and unique that they offer the perfect tools to be unique in design and message and to be at the forefront. Thanks to our 'house of brands' strategy, we spend a lot of time on differentiation, segmentation, and consumer trends. Due to the unique properties of our products and strategic positioning, we can build (large) unique brands in a relatively short time and effectively achieve large market shares within a segment. We are known for our forward-thinking marketing communications, through which we provide marketing support for Suntory® genetics. We hereby make attractive (free) promotional material available to our customers within the chain.

Business model

We are fully committed to breeding and selection, which means that we have conquered a unique place in the chain. We use a specific licensing model, whereby we make our genetics available to floricultural propagators and charge a licence fee for each rooted or unrooted cutting. This licensing model and the lack of production make us a relatively narrow company with an open structure. This means that we (usually) do not enter into exclusive partnerships, but make our genetics available as widely as possible. Anyone can become a customer of ours, including competitive breeders/propagators.

Due to our size and structure, we are flexible. This makes it easy for us to respond quickly and creatively to changes in the market. That is why we can bring our genetics to the market (two years) earlier than other breeders. Our challenge is therefore to conquer the market as effectively and originally as possible with a small team.

We are MNP / Suntory. We are “The plant pioneers”.