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Sundaville® Flamingo Pink

Sundaville® Flamingo Pink

The Sundaville® Flamingo Pink is new on the market since 2021. The plant has special pink coloured flowers and flowers optimally until the first frost. Sundaville® is a very grateful plant and requires almost no care.

This variety is (almost) nowhere else available. The Flamingo Pink is unique because of the beautiful drawing on the flower. The edges of the flower are flamed light pink. It resembles the feathers of a flamingo, which is also why this species gets its name. Furthermore, the flower has dark pink speckles.

Product range

Sundaville® Gold

Sundaville® Gold

“She is golden!”

We can assure you have ever seen a yellow like this! The newest Classic Gold has a unique colour in Mandevilla / Dipladenia segment. Bright and shining like the sun at midday, she will light even the darkest of gardens. She grows compact with lots of flowers and her peculiarity, further her special colour, is that her hearts has different colours shades, from deep orange to bright red. She is a very special one!


Product range

Sundaville® Double Blush Pink

Sundaville® Double Blush Pink

“Double is always better”

Behold gardening fanatics and floricultural enthusiasts! Here it is! Like the old Dutch masters it’s an authentic piece of art. World’s first truly double-flowered Mandevilla. What did you say?! Yes, you heard it right! It’s the world’s first truly double-flowered Mandevilla. The Sundaville® Double Blush Pink. Remember its name because it will bring you double happiness in the near future!

Excellent branching and flowering capabilities characterise this new variety whose habits seem the same as the Sundaville® Classics range. The Double Blush Pink garden performance is very satisfying and a pleasure for the eyes due to the particularity of the double flowers. 



Company profile

We are MNP / Suntory.

We are “The plant pioneers”. We're pioneers & trendsetters in breeding, selection, marketing and license management of the most innovative and superior quality (bedding) plants.

Our vision

"We want to help people create conscious spaces, where they can enjoy long-lasting beautiful plants that contribute not only to a pleasant view but also to their environment, flora and fauna."

Our mission

“We want to be an authentic authority within the floriculture sector. We want to be known for high-quality innovative products and surprising progressive marketing strategies. We want to transfer the love for plants to the consumer in our whole chain business.”

What makes us unique?

Our history goes back to 1888, the year in which the first generation of the Ruys family in the Netherlands started their own horticultural company known as “Koninklijke Moerheim”. In 130 years, the company has grown from a small family business to a worldwide specialist in (bedding) plants. The marketing of unique and high-quality (bedding) plants is in our DNA.


The unique collaboration with Suntory® Flowers Ltd. enables us to produce the most innovative products from our breeding for more than 30 years, using the latest techniques. Thanks to strict and unique selection criteria and an eye for detail, we succeed in creating new markets instead of supplementing existing ones. By paying more attention to breeding and selecting unique properties and quality for the end consumer instead of production optimization, we have become experts and pioneers in the field of high-quality plants with unparalleled garden performance. We “consciously” do not have our production of cuttings and end products, but sell our genetics under license to propagators & breeders. This allows us to fully focus on breeding, selection and effective marketing.


Due to our extensive knowledge of the market and our “fingersptizengefühl”, we always dare to stick our neck out and fully believe in our products. That is one of the reasons why we determine the trends of tomorrow. Our products are so progressive and unique that they offer the perfect tools to be unique in design and message and to be at the forefront. Thanks to our 'house of brands' strategy, we spend a lot of time on differentiation, segmentation and consumer trends. Due to the unique properties of our products and strategic positioning, we can build (large) unique brands in a relatively short time and effectively achieve large market shares within a segment. We are known for our forward-thinking marketing communications, through which we provide marketing support for Suntory® genetics. We hereby make attractive (free) promotional material available to our customers within the chain.

Business model

We are fully committed to breeding and selection, which means that we have conquered a unique place in the chain. We use a specific licensing model, whereby we make our genetics available to floricultural propagators and charge a license fee for each rooted or unrooted cutting. This licensing model and the lack of production make us a relatively narrow company with an open structure. This means that we (usually) do not enter into exclusive partnerships, but make our genetics available as widely as possible. Anyone can become a customer of ours, including competitive breeders/propagators.

Due to our size and structure, we are flexible. This makes it easy for us to respond quickly and creatively to changes in the market. That is why we can bring our genetics to the market (two years) earlier than other breeders. Our challenge is therefore to conquer the market as effectively and originally as possible with a small team.

We are MNP / Suntory. We are “The plant pioneers”.

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