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Products and innovations

New production line

New production line

Moni Plants believes in improving on daily quality work as well as growing in technology and investing in automatization. The commitment to responsible and sustainable quality production is now MPS certified.

The product is the result of dedication and sacrifice, meant for those customers who share Mondi Plants` emotions and agree with our principles.

Not only does the new potting line represent a considerable step forward as it is unprecedented in our district, it guarantees intensive daily production with even more homogeneous quality at extremely competitive prices.

Along with the first automated watering line, of the three that will be in place by 2026, it provides an outstanding pairing and a winning project.

Company profile

"Mondi" identifies the founder and owner of our nursery specialising in the production of outdoor ornamental plants located in Pistoia. He began his activities in 2000 as a local producer, but thanks to rapid development, boosted by an agile and versatile organisation, Mondi Plants quickly became an established exporter in the French market, and then successfully consolidated on a European scale and, to some extent, in the Middle East.
Our company is able to supply a wide range of plants, including shrubs, climbers, hedge plants, conifers, roses, tall trees, topiary art and bamboo plants in various stages of growth and strives to commit to quality and variety to meet our customers' needs.