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Company profile

Nippon Tree is since 1996 a specialized nursery supplying wholesalers with Garden-bonsais for the Japanese or modern garden, with a 20.000m² surface of potted plants and a 60.000m² surface of free land plants: Taxus cuspidata, Pinus parviflora, Ilex Crenata, Juniperus, Camellia sasanqua, Chamaecyparis obtusa, Azalea satzuki, Enkianthus perulatus, Podocarpus, etc

About 3.000 Garden-bonsais are available every year in our nursery, unique centenarian specimen as well as commercial plants, in different shapes and measures:

• fine selected and imported directly from Japan(carefully acclimatized

for some months and sold only after their taking roots)

• own production in free land, shaped following japanese tradition