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FR 95500 Le Thillay

Company profile

Established in Paris area, Chatelain nurseries offer a large range of 600 ligneous species and varieties with a preference for fruit trees and large specimens. Chatelain Nurseries is one of the most important trees nurseries in this area. The nursery is covering 100 ha (230 acres) shared between 99 ha in-ground and 1 ha of containers. It is generalist in production of shrubs, trees, fruits trees, conifers and some climbers and grasses. It is specialized in formed fruit trees and large specimens.

Our team is made up of 30 permanent staff, who cultivate 500 000 trees in-ground and 70000 plants in containers from 3L to 7.5L per year. This staff shows a real know-how in trees nursery sector.

All of our fruit trees are grafted, grown and formed in our nurseries.
We produce more than 25,000 specimens a year, either unformed or formed in more than 150 traditional and modern varieties.

Professional tree producers, we also specialize in the cultivation of large specimens.

  • Trees transplanted up to a circumference of 60/70 cm or 24/28 inches
  • Bushes transplanted up to a height of 250/300 cm 100/120 inches
  • Conifers transplanted up to a height of 15 m or 50 ft
  • Fruit trees up to a circumference of 35/40 cm or 13/16 inches

All of our large specimens are transplanted every five years so as to insure a maximal regrowth after planting. Our state-of-the-art equipment and trained personnel insure that your tree reaches you in the best condition. We take care at every step of the transplanting process from our nurseries to your garden.

The Chatelain nurseries pledge to work towards sustainable development. Environmental responsibility is integral to our production allowing us offer our clients a range of environmentally friendly products. To stand by their word Chatelain plant nurseries has signed on to the international Eco-Label MPS since 2006. This official environmental certification attests to our will to protect the environment by limiting pesticide and fertilizer use and saving energy preserving nature for future generations.