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Edible Roses, Nature Friendly Roses, Roses for Aromatherapy

Edible Roses, Nature Friendly Roses, Roses for Aromatherapy

Taste of Love® Edible roses

  • Culinary roses tested for nutritional, organoleptic and aesthetic value. We are first on the market to offer such a wide range of roses tested for gastronomic use.

Nature friendly roses

  • Our Mella® Rose Collection have open flowers that attract butterflies, bees and other pollinators to your garden, while small nutritious hips provide food for birds during winter months. This is why we like to call Mella® our 3B collection (bees, butterflies and birds).

Roses for Aromatherapy

  • Carefully breed and selected roses with high amounts of etheric oils. These roses are extremely fragrant and floriferous, suitable for plantation growing. This will be another PGR innovation for the coming year. 


We offer bare rooted roses from November to March, and budding material from June to July.

For containerized roses or young plants, we have a network of licensed growers where they are available whole year round.  

Company profile

Pheno Geno Roses® is a rose breeding company.

In 2009 our company started with breeding of new varieties of roses, with highly professional horticultural skills, applying state-of-the-art techniques and scientific methods in order to create novel, resilient and diverse plants that everyone can enjoy. Next to our passion for beauty we would also like to highlight our love of nature and a dedication for preserving a piece of green heaven in your garden. 

We have a breeding company in the Netherlands and in Serbia. 

We are leader in the rose market for new types of roses:

  • Taste of Love® Edible Rose Collection, with 9 varieties with very high amount of Vitamine C and Antioxidants. Most varieties are baptised by famous cooks, some even are Michelin*** cooks. We work very close together with Incredible Roses® 
  • During the Exhibition Incredible Roses® will present the posibilities of using cuttings as start of a succesfull production of Edible Roses, find more information below
  • Mella® Rose Collection, our 3B roses that are attracting Birds, Bees and Butterflies focused on citysumers with small gardens  
  • During the IPM 2020 we present a movie about our research, with special focus on Aromatherapy Collection with strong fragrance, relaxing and enjoy as important themes

 Full offer of our unique rose varieties can be found in our Catalogue in the pdf attachment above. 

Incredibleroses® is a producer of rose youngplants and roseproducts
This year, Incredibleroses® will join PhenoGenoRoses BV at IPM. We will introduce you to a completely new world of roses. Incredibleroses® produces youngplants as well as (half)-finished plants of edible roses and other selected rose collections.

On site we will show you the most suitable plant types for your productions facilities and business model.

Beside rose plant production Incredibleroses® produces fresh rose flowers for food purposes and processed food items, all organically certified.