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Mangave Praying Hands surprises with a completely different look

Mangave Praying Hands surprises with a completely different look

If there’s one family that continually surprises, it’s the Mad about Mangave® family. Mangave Praying Hands surprises everyone with a completely different look than any other Mangave. Thanks to the unique growth habit of one of its parents, Agave ocahui, the dark green foliage grows up: you could almost mistake it for an elegant teardrop.

The varieties of Mad about Mangave® are fast growers. Plant Mangave in well-drained soil and when they reach the desired size, water sparingly. Mangave loves a spot in full sun; this is where the colours and distinctive spots show best. Being a true sun worshipper, Praying Hands is the perfect addition to the exotic terrace. Its colourful and striking foliage makes it perfect as a specimen in a pot or container, but just as great for a mixed container with other succulents.

Praying Hands has a very compact habit and grows up to 25 centimetre high and wide. This super succulent is drought tolerant and can handle some neglect. You hardly have to worry about it. A unique, sturdy succulent that steals the show indoors and outdoors. Protect it from frost and wet feet, and you’ll be friends for life. Hardy to minus five dregee.

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Plantipp is specialized in royalty management and represents breeders of ornamental plants worldwide. Currently, 250 varieties are managed and promoted by Plantipp in Europe, U.S.A., Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, China, Japan, Israel and South Africa. Plantipp has a passion for plants and respects its breeders.

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