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The MOOD CONCA POT is a particularly popular shape that fits into any context, but the most surprising aspect is the possibility of satisfying different tastes since this product has been designed with three different textures and all these are characterized by a special finish!

LEAF MOOD: as the name is suggesting us, the line takes up the shape of many leaves in a well-calibrated geometric pattern that plays on shiny and mat effects.

TATTOO MOOD: baroque flowers and leaves are interrupted by toning and aesthetic drawings that blend the final effect, leaving you speechless.

The Wow effect can also be found in the NATURE MOOD, which incorporates the natural lines creating real sinuous drawings that give the feeling of continuing indefinitely lines.

Made with over 65% recycled plastic from waste collection. Designed by Marco Maggioni.

Company profile

Plastecnic Spa is an Italian Copany by Como lake, North Italy, founded in 1962. It produces, projects and sells plastic pots for garden use (injection and rotomoulding production).

It has an area of about 30.000 square metres and has more than 3.000 customers all over the world.

For more than 65 years Plastecnic has the roots in quality, creativity and sustainability.

All the Plastecnic products, Made in Italy, are projected with the aim of thinking about the health of plants and they are very practical for the end users. Light and strong raw materials are employed to allow a better handling and easy watering.

The Company also offers quality in service: dealers and customers can count on fast and deliveries on time.

Plastecnic always guarantees commitment to our environment: production systems, logistics, ethical sustainability through projects of cultural and social benefit.

Our mission is: "Creating an environment and containing nature to build atmospheres".

Even the smallest plant can add light, life and color to your environment. We are always studying new solutions that combine functionality and design to help green lovers enjoy nature in all its beauty and create new atmospheres.


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