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Product range

Mood Line

Mood Line

Mood Line:Fashionable Living


Refined and elegant proposals dedicated to the design for

every kind of environment. Result of the stylistic  collaboration

with the architect Vittorio Parigi, Plastecnic characterize itself  by the original

shapes, the trendy colours as well as for the specific surfaces

and the special care in every detail. Ideal both for indoors and

outdoors, Plastecnic Pots are made with specific shrewdness

to make them totally reliable and simple at both inside and

outside level. The new collection MYmood,with modern shapes

and colours, make unique each environment that  embraces.

Product range

Terrae Line

Terrae Line

Terrae Line:All the warmth of the earth


A unique style inspired by the natural raw materials, with finishing

and colours reminding the warmth of real clay and other natural

materials. Available in a large variety of shapes for harmonizing

with the needs of every home and garden. Available with

heightened airing holes and possibly supplied with their matching


Company profile

Plastecnic Spa is an Italian firm founded in 1962. It produces, creates and commercializes plastic pots.

It has an area of about 30.000 square metres . It has more than 3.000 customers all over the world.

Plastecnic is in the market for many years and its long experience in the floristry sector allow Plastecnic to increase its knowledge on thermoplastic materials. Also, thanks to the knowledge of the its production technologies, such as rotational and injection moulding, Plastecnic provides products and solutions for everybody.

Plastecnic  spa has always took care of the environment. Plastecnic strategies and plans have always been put in place in order to safeguard all the economic, energetic and human resources with a particular focus on new generations.

Our Mission is to "create environments and contain the nature building atmospheres".

Living the nature and natural spaces is a unique experience fundamental to connect spontaneity with culture, recovering historical values and, at the same time, this experience continuously renew itself.

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