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Cloud – Mobile - ERP

Cloud – Mobile - ERP

From the beginning of PAT software 25 years ago order entry, individual models of pricing, multi-stage planning of production as well for exact day, production of mixes from different articles, (automatic) ordering of starting material for the exact week, availabilities, empties management, printing of labels or tracking and tracing of batches has been the main focus of our business.

The development to individual ERP solutions which are quickly scalable as well in horticulture are more and more imminent.

Plug-Plant Software GmbH and CONCEPT Data Systems consequently implement these requirements into the development of PAT Enterprise, PAT Mobile and PAT Scan It.

Plug-Plant nowadays pays particular attention to mobile working in production and shipment. Individual solutions for scanner, tablet and smartphone are an import component of a modularly constructed overall solution.

As some samples we have solved with our apps there are creating and changing of production quantities, documentation of work steps in production, assignment of production in shipment, short-term changes in order and shipment.

Value-based inventory management will lead to much more exact dates in the ERP with timely recording by simple apps. This again will lead to a precise availability in real-time which is the second main topic for the customers of Plug-Plant.

Provision of available quantities including to a simulation to future is a priority topic of PAT software. Dates can be changed to other systems with various surfaces.

Presentation in an individually configurable Web portal for an online order entry and -management Plug-Plant as well offers to its customers.

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Concept Data Systems and Plug-Plant Software - Your IT partners for the green business.

PAT is the leading horticultural ERP software for the green business that sets the standards for over 20 years now.

The Concept Data Systems and Plug-Plant team know and understand what you expect from software. It is always the users who work with software and not the other way round.

Our service is based on long time experience in software development and support of companies all over the world.

Check out our website www.horticulturalsoftware.com to learn more.

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