. Z.A. de L'Eglisette
FR 34190 Moules et Baucels
Mr. Daniel Grandjean
Product range

Weatherresistant labels for garden centres

Weatherresistant labels for garden centres

Tie labels

Stickin labels


Labels for stakes

Films A5, A4, A3, banners

Stakes and label holders

Label print software

Product range

Label print software LabelDesigner3

Label print software LabelDesigner3

With this software the labels are quickly available and customized. Plants and products can be labelled directly after delivery with all requiered informations, pictures, codes etc. Connection to all data sheets and merchandise management system.

Company profile

Labels and Label editor software

Design and manufacture of laser printable, weather resistant film labels for garden centres. Printack offers a wide range of labels and accessories as loop-, stickin-, display-, selfadhesive- and labels for signage and posters for plant identification. Also biodegradable and compostable labels. New: Windproof label holders for outdoor use and points of sale in various sizes and designs.