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The Milkshake™ Mums

The Milkshake™ Mums

The new Milkshake™ Mums have striking colours, a compact growing habit and are a true family. Their names refer to fruity milkshake flavours: Coconut, Banana, Papaya, Cherry, Strawberry and Raspberry.

Because all the different Milkshakes™ are colour mutations all colours have a similar growth cycle with uniform plants that bloom simultaneously. They need little or no growth regulation and have a response time of about six weeks, this makes growing these beauties even more attractive.

Besides these great family characteristics, their compact shape makes it possible to save on transportation costs. Royal Van Zanten recommend to grow Milkshake™ into pot sizes up to 14 to 15 centimetre. Milkshake™ Mums are very flexible and are therefore easy to handle and pack.

Not only growers are enthusiastic about this new concept. Milkshake™ also has great features for retailers, such as a great shelf-life and a beautiful and equal blooming experience for the consumer.

All-in-all the new Milkshake™ family is THE new compact multiflora family.

Royal Van Zanten in the MEDIA CENTER

The new Multiflora Serie by Royal Van Zanten: Milkshake.
Photographer: Royal Van Zanten
Product range

New: Hermosa, a beautiful and unique pot chrysanthemum

New: Hermosa, a beautiful and unique pot chrysanthemum

Royal Van Zanten presents new pot chrysanthemums: Hermosa White and Hermosa Yellow. What makes this variety unique is her outspoken flower shape. It is a combination of the spikey spiders with an anemone heart and on top of it her flower petals have a small spoon-like shape.

Hermosa comes in two different colours: white and yellow. Both varieties are easy to grow, they grow uniform and blossom evenly. Hermosa pot chrysanthemums are compact growing varieties with a response time of 6,5 weeks. This offers growers an efficient and cost effective cultivation.

Hermosa has an excellent shelf live. Consumers can enjoy the beautiful and unique flowers in their interior as well as in their garden. Plants can be used indoor all your year round and outdoor during the pot chrysanthemum season. Hermosa varieties can be used in small pots and in plant arrangements which offers consumers and retailers many creative options.

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Our story We have been a flourishing family business in the international ornamental horticulture industry since 1862. The power of innovation combined passion is the beating heart of our company.

Colourful inspiration Together with our partners in the supply chain, we supply a wide range of cut flowers, pot plants and bulbs.

Research and breeding Our passionate team of breeders work with the very latest techniques to optimize our current, wide range and development new varieties.

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