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Product range

Sprayers, misters and cut-off machines

Sprayers, misters and cut-off machines

SOLO products staisfy all needs:

- hand sprayers with 1 or 2 liter filling volume
- pressure sprayers with 5, 7 and 9 liters filling volume
- Backpack sprayers with 12, 15 and 20 liters filling volume, with piston or diaphragm pump
- Battery operated sprayers with 18 and 20 liter filling volume
- otorized sprayers with 18 and 20 liter filling volume, alternatively with 2 or 4 stroke engine
- Mistblowers with 12, 13 or 21 liters of filling volume and powerful 2-stroke engines
- Granulate spreader with 9 liters capacity
- Blower with high air flow

And three powerful cut-off machines for the real tough tasks.

Company profile

Protection and care in the garden, agriculture and landscapeing ... these are the jobs that can be done with sprayers and misters. Whether you pump yourself, or an electric or combustion engine does the pump drive, depends not only on the preferences of the user, but also on the conditions. In a greenhouse, the internal combustion engine is, for example, unsuitable, for which the emission-free battery drive plays its advantages. When it comes to the care of the small private garden, the pressure spray is the right working tool. For larger heights and in professional use on larger surfaces, a motorized pressure sprayer or a mister is the better choice.

This wide range of application possibilities the SOLO Kleinmotoren GmbH is covering completely with their wide range of sprayers and misters. And not only since yesterday: SOLO has already launched the world's first backpack mistblower in 1951 and thus revolutionized plant protection. At the beginning of the 1960s, the production of full-plastic injection molding began to have an unprecedented ease. Since then, the product range has been developed further and further. New UV-resistant container materials, easy-to-operate pumps and professional back-up systems are just some of the core points of today's SOLO spraying program and stand for long-lasting quality. In the three lines "CLASSIC", "COMFORT" and "PRO", devices are developed and produced which are optimally adapted to the requirements of the user.