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SPID Trays are containers made of polypropylene. The French company has developped and does supply more than 20 different references of hard plastic cell trays over Europe. The large range of plant raising containers is mainly divided in three sizes: Euro size (600x400mm), Danish size (540x300mm), and Strawberry trays.

SPID products are suitable for plant raisers of vegetables, flowers, shrubs, trees, grapvine, soft fruits... The cell dimensions, cell shapes etc... have been deisgned to insure a good roots systemt, a good crop removal, and a easy extraction from the tray.

More information online: www.spid-trays.com

Company profile

SPID Trays is the leading European manufacturer of injection molded trays. The company based in France supplies worldwide a full range of reusable seedling trays made of polypropylene, that are durable, mechanized, washable, and suitable for almost the plant varieties.

You have any interest in our products, or would like to represent us (germany...), please do not hesitate to contact us: contact@spid-trays.com

The plastic crates and containers from SPID are high quality standard! More information online: www.spid-trays.com