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LASA AGRO 3900 Workstation

LASA AGRO 3900 Workstation

The LASA AGRO 3900 workstation is a wellorganised workplace where easy operations allow rational, systematic analyses of main nutrients and numerous trace elements without any previous knowledge of chemistry. The spectrophotometer and the proven reagents with a wide variety of methods and paramters perform a unique flexibilty for numerous different applications. Within a very short period of time the user has a complete nutrient analysis of the soil, substrate or fertilizer solution and can thus achieve the greatest possible agricultural yields through precise fertilization. As well as ease of handling, speed is the outstanding characteristic of the system.

For the plant producer, long waiting periods for analysis results means an unnecessary risk: immediate knowledge about the nutritional status of the plant is the basis of succesful agriculture and creates reliability in agricultural and horticultural management. The ideal applications for the complete LASA AGRO 3900 workstation are particularly in:

• Quality laboratories of peat and substrate production

• Horticultural plant production, plant propagation

• Research institutes

• Horticultural and agricultural schools and universities

• Local government area

• Agricultural and horticultural service centers

Product range

The mobile system LASA AGRO 1900

The mobile system LASA AGRO 1900

The mobile system LASA AGRO 1900 provides the possibility of fast and precise on-spot-determinations. The complete equipment is packed in two rugged aluminium cases.

With over 220 pre-programmed HACH LANGE and HACH methods in a waterproof, shock tested design this spectrophotometer delivers lab quality results in a portable, field ready instrument. The photometer scores in all applications in the fi eld, wherever and whenever it shall be used. Even in dusty and wet environments where other devices cannot be used, you can easily perform your analyses with the LASA AGRO 1900.

The instrument has a large, user-friendly display and provides a simple menu navigation for easy analyses procedures even under harshest conditions.

The LASA AGRO 1900 evaluates all LCK cuvette tests. The measuring results can be carried out in

• mg / 100 g soil

• mg / liter substrate

• mg / liter solution

Company profile

Our key competence is soil-water-climate measuring equipment for professional and semi-professional use. Discover our field-tested pH and EC meters, soil moisture and density meters, Internet weather stations, best photometrical analytical system Lasa Agro 3900 and much more!

Applications: Professional plant production, horti- and agricultural high schools and universities, research institutes, soil analyses institutes

The stand in the interactive hall overview

The stand in the interactive hall overview