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Easyfix: Innovation at point of sale

Come visit us at IPM and get to know our proven Easyfix system live! The product line for the presentation of Christmas trees works according to the following principle: With the Easyfix drilling machine, a conical hole is drilled in a few seconds at the base of the trunk. A guide rod always ensures a vertical drilling regardless of the growth.

The tree is then placed on a presentation stand with a pin. Time-consuming milling or sharpening of the trunk is eliminated. Various designs of our preswentation stands ensure a quick and orderly installation of different tree sizes at point of sale.

The customer now has the opportunity to view the tree from all sides without the help of an employee. In Addition the resulting "Christmas tree forest" also creates a great atmosphere on site.

The Easyfix system thus combines labor savings, optimal utilization of the sales area and an advantageous product presentation.

The Christmas stands are also available in various colors, material variants and sizes for the end customer. Selling these directly at your point of sale completes the system and at the same time increases the chance of renewed customer contact in the coming year.