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Twenthe Plant Winter Exhibition 2019/2020 (11.11.2019 - 7.2.2020)

Twenthe Plant Winter Exhibition 2019/2020 (11.11.2019 - 7.2.2020)









With more than 7.000 sample-parties and an unique solitary show!

 From November 11th 2019 until February 7th 2020 Twenthe Plant organizes Europe’s leading Winter Order Exhibition in her 6.250m2 big greenhouse. Take maximum advantage of our extended exhibition period by planning a visit at a moment of your own choice to make your spring order. During the Winter Exhibition we display more than 7.000 sample plants in an organized and clear way per product-group. We gladly invite you to visit our Winter Exhibition and let you benefit from all our fantastic offers, unique product lines, novelties and attractive product presentations. The solitary show, containing more than 5.000 unique solitary plants, is presented at our outdoor area. We will show you a huge collection of Bonsai & Shapes grown by ourselves, supplemented with unique Japanese Bonsai and many other characteristic (shaped) trees. Our solitary show is an excellent opportunity for you to mark the solitary plants of your own choice for Spring 2020 delivery.

 We are happy to discuss current business while enjoying free snacks and drinks. Please let us know upfront which date you would like to visit our exhibition.

We are looking forward seeing you!

Open Monday until Friday from 7:30 until 17:00 hours.





  • The complete range of garden plants at one location
  • A carefully selected assortment based on quality, price and availability
  • Volume discounts on bigger quantities
  • Most products can be ordered in smaller quantities
  • Various offers of different ready-to-retail mix CC’s
  • Huge choice of novelties, product innovations and special offers
  • Sample quality is deliver quality
  • Gigantic production of own grown bonsais and other topiary
  • 180ha own nursery with unique product lines
  • Unique Solitary show
  • Select and mark solitaires, bonsai and other topiary yourself
  • Easy and fast ordering with the TP-Orderapp
  • You decide the loading- or delivery date
  • Various ways of packing: CC/Pallet(box)/Loose or in combination
  • Prices are incl. sales & handling costs (no extra costs for palletbox packing)


To make ordering easier for you, we have developed the TP-Orderapp.

We recommend to charge your mobile device before visiting us

FROM  11th NOVEMBER 2019



To show our appreciation we will surprise you with a nice gift, which you will receive together with your order confirmation.

Reserve your hotel room through Twenthe Plant, this way you benefit from our collective booking advantage.


Tel. +31-74-2766666

Monday until Friday we are open from 7:30 until 17:00 hours.

Beneluxlaan 305 - 7559 JV Hengelo (OV) – the Netherlands

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Company profile


Twenthe Plant is one of the largest green suppliers in Europe. We are specialized in supplying the complete assortment of garden plants to business-to-business customers. For many green specialists such as garden centers, gardeners, landscape architects, importers, nurseries and governments in and around Europe, Twenthe Plant is a regular supplier for many years. We have a sound quality policy, work with very competitive prices and offer you as a customer, numerous ordering and logistics services. As customer you can choose from two different purchasing concepts: the full-service concept and / or the self-service Cash & Carry concept.


Curious about the possibilities?

We are happy to discuss with you which purchasing concept and which products suits you best.


Twenthe Plant is easy to access due to its location next to the A1 (Hengelo exit 30), the main Highway from Amsterdam to Moscow.



The complete range of garden plants, that is what we offer you in our wholesale department with an assortment selected from at least 300 high quality nurseries. Your orders and requests will be supervised by your Twenthe Plant contact person, this way you will get the best possible offer based on your specific, personal request. Key-words for us are accuracy, knowledge, flexibility and fast answers on every request. Combining these key-words with the constant quality control, very efficient packing and logistics results in our full service concept and the complete satisfaction of our customers. Our goal is a successful long term cooperation. Our annual event, the Twenthe Plant Winter Exhibition (11th of November 2019 until 7th of February 2020) is the place to be. Here we offer you the opportunity to select from more than 7.000 sample plants and 5.000 solitaire plants. The plants will be reserved for you until spring, you decide yourself when you want to load your order.



All year round we offer you the complete range of garden plants on our 80.000m2 Cash & Carry. All plants are presented conveniently per product group. This makes it possible for you to complement your order quickly and efficient. No time to pack the plants yourself? We will gladly prepare your order upfront for an easy pickup or delivery. One of our strengths is the enormous range of (exclusive) garden bonsais which we import directly from Japan.


Every year at the end of August we start the autumn season with ‘’The Cash & Carry Days’’. During these 5 days we present a fantastic, new, fresh, extensive and colorful range of plants for every green professional.




Our own nursery, Boomkamp Nurseries B.V., grows more than 3.500 different products. The nursery has a total surface of 180 hectares of open field production, including 6 hectares of greenhouses and 10 hectares of container fields / pot-in-pot. The assortment consists of a very complete line of pot-grown buxus shapes and a wide variety of solitary, hedge / ornamental shrubs, (hedge) conifers and graftings. In addition, Boomkamp Nurseries is in Europe one of the largest producers of exclusive garden bonsai and shape trees. The high-quality plants are very suitable for export and form a good basis of the product mix of Twenthe Plant.




On an weekly base we inform our customers about our stocks, prices and order options, as customer you can

sign up for the; TP-Webshop, TP-Weekspecial and TP-C&C Mailing. Our experienced sales team is able to make offers based on specific customer requests. We can collect your order from our Cash & Carry and make it ready to be pick-up by you or we can prepare your order through our wholesale trade system where there is no need visiting us. We serve you by packing orders as efficient as possible, this saves on transport costs and guarantees the quality of the plants on arrival. We are able to deliver your order at your company without any worries.