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Products and innovations

The Award Winning Vertical Planter For Green Walls

The Award Winning Vertical Planter For Green Walls

The Vertical Planter System is a self watering wallplanter. It is 46 centimetre long. Plants can be placed in their pots (up to 12 centimetre) or planted directly into compost using the planting tray.

The roots are kept constantly damp by the reservoir of water in the base. Running an irrigation pipe along the top row of planters, the water flows into them and then when the reservoir is full overflows to the one below.

The planters are designed to be easily applied to walls in a variety of methods. They can be clipped securely onto 50 millimetre welded mesh or screwed onto vertical or horizontalwooden laths.

Designed to be spaced 20 centimetre above each other leaves plenty of space for plants to grow and hide the planter. This product has already won two awards. Made, like all products from 90 per cent recycled consumer plastics.

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Come & see our large selection of labels. Different sizes, colours and styles. The very best in the business!
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For all types of canes.
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Large range of labels including stakes, angel heads and T labels.  

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Recycled Plastics Put To Go Use!

Recycled Plastics Put To Go Use!

We are proud to use 90 per cent recycled consumer plastics in the making of ALL our products even granulating waste materials to recycle and use again. Continuing our mindfulness of the environment in early 2019 we gone live with solar panels on our factory roof generating over 150 kilowatts of power!
Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne in the UK the business is always looking at ways to improve existing products while actively creating new ones. Customer driven, dedicated and professional Tyne Moulds is here for all your horticultural needs.

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Tyne Molds & Machinery has been the UK's leading manufacturer and designer of production accessories for more than 40 years. We offer labels, breeders and tree care products to growers, landscapers and garden centers, which are sold through some of the world's largest garden wholesalers. All made from 90% recycled consumer plastics. Tyne Molds is proud to offer a wide range of products in a variety of colors, styles and sizes that enable growers to have "families of products" in their assortment. Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, the company is always looking for ways to improve existing products and actively create new ones. Customer-focused, dedicated and professional Tyne Molds are here for all your horticultural needs.