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HM.CLAUSE 2020 Novelties

HM.CLAUSE 2020 Novelties

Cherry tomato CROKINI: tasty, sweet, easy to grow and strong against late blight disease (IR: Phytophtora infestans. An average of 8.5° Brix, more than 317 sweet delicious little fruits, strong fine quality plant, fruits do not split at maturity and remain on the plant.)

Cherry tomato GOLDWIN: sweet taste, good balance between sugar and acidity

Cherry tomato HONEY MOON: sweet taste, good balance between sugar and acidity

Tomato BUFFALOSUN: yellow fruit «red flamed», fleshy chair, perfect to colour salads, huge fruits up to 750 gram

Tomato FLORINRED: Excellent resistance (IR) to late blight

Tomato BELLANDINE: Fleshy, delicious and productive; very good behaviour against blossom end rot

Cherry tomato CRAZY CHERRY: No care requirement, plant, water and harvest; produces many small sweet and fleshy tomatoes

Courgette BOLDENICE: Powdery mildew resistance with an upright plant habit; high productivity due to short internodes, produces striped green fruits

Jalapeno ORIZABA: Hot Mexican pepper, spicy and flavoursome for thrill-seekers

Orange bell pepper ETERNITY: colours for garden and dishes

Well adapted to the garden and to pots

Mini red pepper BALCONI: Colours and flavours for terraces, balconies and small garden. Compact plant ideal for pots or small gardens, high productivity, small red sweet fruits, row or cooke.

Novelties in heirloom type (yellow fleshy variety, pink one and more).

Collection of cucumbers, watermelons, peppers and more.

HM.CLAUSE breeds, produces and sells innovative vegetable seeds for professionals and the home garden market. A French company, it has been a major player in varietal breeding for the vegetable garden for more than two centuries. CLAUSE Home Garden is exclusively dedicated to promoting varieties for home gardeners: sales of vegetable seeds and flowers to packet seed producers and sales of vegetable seeds to professional young plant producers for gar

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Val’hor is the umbrella organization for ornamental horticulture in France. It brings together 9 professional organizations covering the entire industry: growers, nurseries, florists, garden centres, landscape contractors, landscape architects…Val’hor is dedicated to the French ornamental horticulture and its 50 000 companies.


The stand in the interactive hall overview

The stand in the interactive hall overview