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Products and new innovations

Sowing fern spores in a sterile way

Sowing fern spores in a sterile way

With the newest technique (sowing fern spores in a sterile way onto preforma trays) Vitro Plus is currently expanding its Vitro Plus range significantly. Soon the company will be offering 40 fern sporevarieties in its range, including Adiantum, Cheilanthes, Cyrtomium, Dryopteris, Polypodium, Polystichum and Thelypteris varieties.

Company news

Visit of Minister Henk Kamp to Vitro Plus

Visit of Minister Henk Kamp to Vitro Plus

Minister Henk Kamp visited Vitro Plus with a delegation of 10 people a few months ago. During lunch Ard Stoutjesdijk, our Director Operations and co-owner of Vitro Plus, gave a presentation of Vitro Plus followed by a guided tour of the company. Minister Kamp visited Vitro Plus to view our new inventions. Like the invention of a tiny seed that grows inside its packaging into a head of lettuce. Vitro Plus has won several awards for this innovation. Minister Kamp really wanted to view the cultivation of ferns with his own eyes, as well as viewing the mentioned lettuces on the premises of the company, instead of greenhouses. We have received a grant from the MIT-scheme (MKB regional and top sectors innovation promoting programme); we have used this grant to replace all florescent tubes for LED lighting. Which is not only energy efficient, for we also grow larger plants now. "At first we had ´little incubator plants´ which grew into their full maturity in greenhouses. Now we are able to make the end product!" This is a very interesting, as it enables us to grow more than only the ferns and lettuces we are experimenting with now. "We are being approached by companies from all over the world to make our system applicable to theirs; for example for the cultivation of coffee plants, banana and cocoa trees", according to Stoutjesdijk. Ard was honoured by the visit of minister Kamp. " It feels like the acknowledgement for all our great inventions we have made so far.

Company profile

Tissue cultivation laboratory specialized in tropical, hardy and cut ferns. Our novelty: ferns sowed from spores in sterile trays that we are allowed to export all over the world!