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IT 04014 Pontinia (LT)
Mr. Paolo Cappelli
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Plants and specimens

 Quercus ssp; Olea europea, Cinnamomum camphora; Chamaerops ssp; Myrtus ssp; Arbutus unedo; Pistacia lentiscus; Rhyncospermum jasminoides; Schinus molle.

Company profile

Aumenta Antonio Nursery Company (Azienda Agricola Antonio Aumenta) was born in 1984, flowing from the plan of its founder, Antonio Aumenta, who transformed the original small nursery, in the heart of Agro Pontino, into a prosperous enterprise, able to give luster to local economy and to extend its prowess in the international field, becoming a leading figure in the reproduction and promotion of the mediterranean specimens and not only. The Company has 6 manufacturing places, more than 200 hectares of surfaces, 7 hectares of protected crops.