Masos de Púbol 11
ES 17120 Púbol, Girona
Mr. Joaquim Planas Fornells

Company profile

Vivers Planas is a company dedicated to the world of plants. The company was founded in 1935 by Mr. Joan Planas, who then passed it onto his sons Joaquim and Josep María who successfully expanded the operation. Currently the company is managed by Joan’s grandsons Joaquim and Joan, the third generation of Planas in charge. Joaquim and Joan have developed the company’s market reach beyond Spain and now Vivers Planas has customers all over the world.

Thanks to the vast knowledge acquired over the past 80 years, to the experience and know-how handed down from grandfather to father to grandsons, to the spirit of enterprise and of constant improvement and innovation, Vivers Planas has become a very important nursery capable of producing a high quality plants suitable for export to the most demanding markets in the world.

Vivers Planas main nursery is a large production facility located in the province of Girona in Catalonia, in north-eastern Spain. It is a region blessed with an abundance of sunshine, rich soil and fresh water.Our products and services conform to the highest international standards in order to satisfy our clients and we are very sensitive about respecting and protecting the environment.

Due to the different climate conditions in each of our production centers we can produce a large variety of plant species which are adaptable to conditions all over the world. Among the many varieties we produce are:

Excellent coniferous trees up to 10 meters in height and compact or conical in shape
Deciduous and evergreen trees in various shapes and sizes
Feathered trees cultivated for alignment
Wide variety of ornamental shrubs
Outstanding ornamental olive trees
All types of fruit trees
Our wealth of experience, dedication to quality control, wide variety of products, knowledge of climatology and expertise in the latest soil science enable us to offer the best advice for choosing which plants will flourish in any geographical area.  

Our efficient logistical skills enable us to guarantee shipments around the world by land, air or sea ensuring the plant reaches its destination in the best possible condition.

Outside of our home market in Spain, we have been exporting our products all over Europe for many years, particularly to Germany, Andorra, England, Belgium, Croatia, France, Holland, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Romania and Switzerland. We have an established customer base in North Africa, mainly Algeria and Morocco. In the last 10 years we have greatly expanded our customer base in the markets of Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iraq, Qatar, Turkey and Uzbekistan.

The market’s demands are constantly changing. We strive to adapt to ensure that our products meet these changing demands, while maintaining the highest possible production standards and quality.



Authorized nursery by Generalitat de Catalunya, Registered in the Register of Nurseries:

Vivers Planas Púbol with number 17.0040.
Vivers Planas Celrà with number 17.0039.
Vivers Planas S.L. with number 17.0168.