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Products and innovations

Flemish novelties

Flemish novelties

The Flemish horticultural companies constantly surprise with product innovations. Besides a new range of colours or special flower and growth forms, there are also novelties that are frost-resistant or that make a special effort for the environment. Flanders' Agricultural Marketing Board (VLAM) will put these novelties in the spotlight.

These are the novelties that the Belgian companies are presenting: 

  • New strawberry plants 'ZERO PLASTIC' from Dataflor
    Hall 2 - booth 2D26
  • Hortinno® Magisnow 'Winter Beauty'® from Hortibreed:
    Hall 2 - booth D26
  • Hydrangea 'Magic Pillow'® HSOPR015 PBR from Oprins Plant NV:
    Hall 6 - booth C26
  • Primula acaulis 'Sparkly Mix' by Rudy Raes Bloemzaden NV
    Hall 2 - booth B25
  • Rhododendron hybrid 'Choco & Pink' from Calle Plant:
    Hall 6 - booth C26
  • New sage collection 'Salvia microphylla' from Denis-Plants
    Hall 2 - booth 2D30
  • Vaccinium angustifolium P10.5 'Berrybux'® from Leybaert:
    Hall 2 - booth B25
Product range

Rhododendron hybrid ‘Choco & Pink’

Rhododendron hybrid ‘Choco & Pink’

During IPM, BEST-select will present the latest Rhododendron addition: ‘Choco & Pink‘. The red-purple young shoots contrast beautifully with the dark brown leaves. This new product catches the eye thanks to the abundance of flowers for which it was rewarded with a silver medal during the latest edition of Plantarium.

This variety that likes acidic soil grows up to three metres high. From May on, the flowers coloured dark pink to pink with Bordeaux-coloured marks appear. The dark brown leaves and young purple shoots make sure 'Choco & Pink' catches the eye. The 'Choco & Pink' is currently available from Calle-Plant, which grows this protected novelty.

Serskampsesteenweg 286
B – 9230 Wetteren (Belgium)
Tel.: +32 9 369 19 46

  • Contact during IPM: Marc Calle
  • Hall 6 – Stand C26
Product range

New Salvia collection guarantees a sea of flowers

New Salvia collection guarantees a sea of flowers

New at Denis-Plants

Denis-Plants BVBA is a Belgian horticultural company specialising in young plants for indoors and perennials that for years already has focussed on delivering high-quality products for the garden or in pots. For the 2020 season, Denis-Plants is introducing a new range of Salvia microphylla, in collaboration with Belgian breeders who specialise in fresh colour combinations and strong plants.

The cuttings for the new Salvia microphylla collection are pruned up to 3 times, which results in fuller plants with lots of flowers. In this way the customer can enjoy a plant that flowers beautifully from April to October. The lush sea of flowers is a delight to see and an oasis of nectar for pollinators. For the 2020 season, Denis-Plants has a dozen new types on offer. Discover them on www.denis-plants.com or at IPM 2020: Hall 2, stand D30. 

New Salvia collection:

Bochtenstraat 6
BE-9080 Beervelde
+32 9 355 12 55

  • Contact during IPM: Lukas Van Evercooren
  • Hal 2 – Stand 2D30
Product range

New strawberry plants ‘ZERO PLASTIC’

New strawberry plants ‘ZERO PLASTIC’

New at Dataflor

During IPM Essen, Dataflor will present its completely new, plastic-free concept for strawberry plants ‘ZERO PLASTIC’.

For example, the pot is replaced by a biodegradable jiffy pot, the label by a paper/cardboard version and the tray by a completely recyclable paper/cardboard pulp version. The strawberry plants themselves meet all the requirements of the organic regulations.

The product range consists of seven varieties, of which four are permanent. In this way, Dataflor offers a range throughout the season. For this product line, Dataflor looked back at older varieties with good scores relating to resistance to disease, fast rooting and, naturally, full flavour.

With this product line, Dataflor is aiming at the conscious consumer. The range is being marketed via garden centres. Dataflor also offers banners that offers optimum support for the new range at the garden centre.

Dataflor bvba
Klokhofstraat 12
B-8980 Beselare (Belgium)
+32 (0)57 46 62 28

  • Contact during IPM: Wouter David
  • Hall 2 – Stand 2D26
Product range

Hortinno® Magisnow ‘Winter Beauty’®

Hortinno® Magisnow ‘Winter Beauty’®

New from Hortibreed:

Magisnow ‘Winter Beauty’® is a new variety by Hortibreed NV, that is marketing the product under the Hortinno® consumer label. Thanks to its shape and flowers, Magisnow resembles a mini Christmas tree. The individual, white, spidery flowers resemble Christmas tree baubles. Even its flowering period fits the winter theme: this novelty is available from mid-December to February. For four weeks it will bring an enchanting floral magic to the living room. Magisnow grows up to 35 cm high and comes in a 13 cm pot.

Beerveldsebaan 4
B - 9080 Lochristi (Belgium)
Tel: +32 9 353 53 53

  • Contact during IPM: Stefan Laridon
  • Hall 2 – Stand D26
Product range

Hydrangea ‘Magic Pillow’® HSOPR015 PBR

Hydrangea ‘Magic Pillow’® HSOPR015 PBR

New at Oprins Plant NV:

As its name indicates, Magic Pillow'® is a floriferous groundcover plant that – depending on the soil type – has flowers ranging from pink to blue. With this extremely hardy newcomer, Oprins Plant is launching a groundcover plant that flowers on new wood and from June to September offers a lush wealth of flowers. Thanks to the maximum height of 50 - 60 cm and a width of 120 cm, 'Magic Pillow' is extremely suitable for flowerbeds. Due to its unique properties, this Hydrangea is destined for gardening and landscaping. Originally, this newcomer came from the hills of Korea and Japan.

St.-Lenaartsesteenweg 91
B - 2310 Rijkevorsel (Belgium)
Tel: +32 3 340 28 70

  • Contact during IPM: Pieter-Jan Vermylen
  • Hall 6 – Stand C26
Product range

Vaccinium angustifolium P10,5 ‘Berrybux’®: unique hardy hedge with edible fruit

Vaccinium angustifolium P10,5 ‘Berrybux’®: unique hardy hedge with edible fruit

New from Leybaert:

In the spring of 2019, Leybaert expanded its collection with a new, revolutionary variety: the BerryBux®. This new product is a credit to its name. Both the leaves and growth of this resistant Vaccinium angustifolium makes one think of Box, but with one major difference: the added value of the compact BerryBux® lies in the abundance of its edible blue berries. In April this novelty makes an impression thanks to the sea of white flowers.

Since the plants do well in an ornamental pot, they are suitable for the balcony or patio. The attractive shape of the BerryBux® makes it possible to not only keep them in pots but also to plant them outdoors as a delicious hedge of berries along the pavement.

Ledestraat 3
B – 9180 Moerbeke-Waas (Belgium)
Tel.: +32 9 346 86 39
www.bvbaleybaert.be & www.brazelberry.de/sorten/berrybux/

  • Contact during IPM: Silas Crezée
  • Hall 2 – Stand B 25
Product range

Primula acaulis ‘Sparkly Mix‘

Primula acaulis ‘Sparkly Mix‘

New at Rudy Raes Bloemzaden NV

During the past few years, the "Raes Genetics" team of Rudy Raes Bloemzaden had been busy, constantly looking for innovations. In addition to introducing a few new and improved standard series, the company is also a trendsetter in developing support colours and design mixes. During IPM, the latest creation will be presented: the 'Sparkly Mix'. This sparkling mix consists of six unique Picotee colours.

Rudy Raes Bloemzaden NV
Haenhoutstraat 204
B - 9070 Destelbergen (Belgium)
Tel.: +32 9 355 58 30

  • Contact during IPM: Wouter De Meester
  • Hall 2 – Stand B25