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Malus 'Royal Raindrops®' exclusive by Ley

Malus 'Royal Raindrops®' exclusive by Ley

Eye-popping magenta pink blooms, deep purple cutleaf foliage, sparkling red frueits and bright fall color give all-season appeal to this easy-care flowering ornamental. Superior disease resistance, adaptability, plus heat and drought tolerance make this unique carbapple a crown jewel among trees.

Refined, uniquely shaped leaves emerge glossy deep purple and maintain their rich color through the heat of summer. Fall color is a madly of bronze,orange and purple. Tiny persistant, bright red fruits appearing in late summer are prized by wildlife and add winter interest. Strong branch angles and upright growth habit minimize the pruning and shaping needed to develop a balanced canopy. More vigorous than other purple-leaved cultivars, 'Royal Raindrops®' Crabapple quickly gains caliper while developing a sturdy, well-tapered trunk.

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