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  • Japanese Maples
  • Topiary plants
  • Bamboo and Fargesia
  • Ornamental Plants
  • Standard Trees (Deciduous and Evergreen)
  • Mediterranean Plants
  • Instant Screening
  • Hedges
  • Fruits
Company news

Zelari Piante

Established in 1953 in Pistoia (Tuscany), Zelari Piante today have a nursery that produces ornamental plants on an area of about 150 hectares exporting in excess of 1,400,000 specimens a year throughout several continents. Over 400 varieties are produced and offered in a complete range of sizes from small to large specimens with more than 1500 lines available every commercial season.

Zelari Piante have an approach that focuses its efforts  on the search for new types and varieties, aiming at the use of the product as an element of living and vital presence on the territory.

Plants change daily following the path of the seasons: they grow, evolve and adapt. For this reason, the company pays particular attention not just to market trends, but above all to the life cycle of the plant and put in place all the necessary actions requested by the season environmental conditions and, more in the long term, to the most structural climate changes.

The production and the great research work carried out is now easy "to live" from remote  thanks to Zelari Experience, an innovative and part immersive multimedia application thanks to which customers can get to know more about the company through a  virtual tour and its products. The application allows clients to enhance the charm of all the plants produced, which are classified in macro-categories visible through  360 degrees tours of each individual sector of our nursery, accompanied by detailed data sheets on the characteristics of each line: from the flower to the leaf, to the fruit. Not only an easy and dynamic tool that allows clients to easily “visit” the Zelari showroom, but also the access to a detailed web shop with the description of plant and pot  size matched by up-to-date photos of the real product hence representing the lines exactly as they are. The Zelari Experience will also be available at the company's stand and can be used on I-pads, computers and totems on hand on  site.

The Zelari world does not end with the nursery company, but expresses a complexity of heterogeneous realities able to offer a wide range of services also in the sectors of landscape and  and maintenance with Euroambiente, safety with BSEC, construction with ITAF. The close collaboration between the companies means that we can count on a team of people with different technical-operational skills and specialization.

Company profile



Growing the best plants at the best price.

More than 5000 lines studied to meet the markets requirements and needs in term of the customers.

A professional team at the service of every single customer.

To modulate the offer according to every specific need: a win-win relationship based on strong values of trust, respect and transparency.


The stand in the interactive hall overview

The stand in the interactive hall overview