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Product Presentations, Live Acts and Workshops in the FDF-World

As an inspiring start to a successful business year, the Trade Association of German Florists - Federal Association (FDF) will once again present innovative flower designs, seasonal decorations and new floristry ideas in the FDF World in the Green City in Hall 1A. Attention will centre on strong-selling concepts and floral collections for the modern specialised flower trade.

The flower as a trend product and a must-have for the modern consumer - this will be the message in the FDF Trend Hotspot. For 2018, the Holland Flower Office has recognised three great trend movements in society.

In its presentations, FDF will exhibit a spectrum from high-value show floristry to displays close to practical needs for the strong-selling marketing of cut flowers and plants in the floristic retail trade. Trade visitors will be invited to a lively exchange of opinions with national and international colleagues.

Top-Quality Floristry in Spectacular Live Shows

In the FDF World, top-quality florists from all over the world will show knacks, tricks and innovative ideas. When the stars of the green scene storm the stages, there will be first-class creative fireworks: The international top-quality shows with Europe's best florists will be presented by the Trade Association of German Florists.

Highlights of the stage programme from the FDF World

FDF & Fleur Kreativ present The Grand Opening : "Fleuramour" 2018

Belgian and international flower artists on stage!

"Fleuramour" stands for a unique splendour of blossoms and a world-famous floristy festival in Belgium. Every year, well-known master florists arrange thousands of flowers into floral works of art on a top-class level in an historic ambience there.

23 January: 2 pm

FDF & G-fresh present : Two Champions - The World Cup Show

They are the best in the sector! On two IPM days, the revolving stage in Hall 1A will become the arena for the best floral designers in the world. Alex Choi from Korea, the reigning World Champion of Florists, and Stein Are Hansen from Norway, who prevailed in the World Championship of Florists in Shanghai in 2010, will appear together in a high-ranking floristry show for the first time. During this stage show of superlatives, top-class European floristry will encounter leading Asian floral design.

24 January: 11 am
25 January: 2 pm
26 January: 12:30 am

FDF & G-fresh present: Floral Fundamentals Family Show with international guests

They are the stars in the social media. The Floral Fundamentals Family Show will introduce a new generation of florists who present their floral works in the media with great passion. With their flowery displays, these young designers reach followers and enthusiastic fans everywhere in the world. On the FDF show stage, they will present how they use flowers and plants as a medium for successful self-representation and put the focus on modern online communication.

Tina Kjaer from Denmark (more than 21,000 followers on Instagram), Ivan Bergh from Italy, Harijanto Setiawan from Singapore, Dmitry Turcan from Azerbaijan (more than 40,000 followers on Instagram) and Iza Tkaczyk from Poland display their flowery creations in the social media in a skilful way and reach a young generation with them! All five floral designers belong to the Floral Fundamentals Family; a platform which brings together breeders, producers, wholesalers and florists.

24 January: 3 pm
25 January: 11 am

FDF and Florismart Deutschland present: Premiere: Flower Battles at FDF in Essen

The Flower Battles which were originally created in Japan will stand for breathtaking creative competitions for a young public. Within just a few minutes, the participants will have to select their materials from a material pool and create them into flowery arrangements live before the eyes of the spectators. A genuine challenge which will be accompanied by the public's loud clapping and enthusiastic cheers. The concept will guarantee fun floristry, action and floral designs off the cuff. For the first time, FDF and the Florismart online flower market will now present these thrilling competitions at IPM ESSEN, too.

At the beginning, twelve participants will go to the starting line in two rounds. Four finalists will remain standing at the end of the first day. On the second day, they will compete against each other in two rounds which will then be followed by the final eliminator. Who will secure the public's favour and be crowned as the winner?

23 January: 4 pm (First Round)
24 January: 1 pm (Secound Round)
Afterwards: Award ceremony