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Rethinking geo-textiles – that is the aim of Lite-Net and Lite Strips. Lite-Nets are an improved and more cost- and water efficient replacement for conventional tube systems. They can’t clog or buckle, and the water is prevented from draining into the soil without saturating the root ball. Lite-Nets absorb water and air at the surface and distribute it evenly, efficiently and extensively exactly where it is needed, the tree’s roots. As an initial growth help for new plantations, the root ball is enveloped with the Lite-Net. The tree’s roots have an effortless access to 100% of the net’s water and can grow through it’s openings. The Lite-Net is 100% biologically degradable after 5-10 years.
Photographer: Nadine van Nifterik

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Agro de Arend is the leading international supplier and knowledge partner for the professional nursery sector, horticulture sector and the landscaping industry. Agro de Arend offers a wide and high-quality assortment including product groups as plant support, binding materials, root ball materials, tools and other articles. Agro de Arend supplies products with a strong focus on convenience, availability, application and delivery reliability. Agro de Arend provides the best advice with regards to crop protection and fertilizers. In short: Your propagation is our concern. Agro de Arend B.V .