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Anthura Montpellier

Anthura Montpellier

With its Burgundy-red flowers with a white edge, the Anthura Montpellier variety has a very striking appearance and really expands the assortment. Anthura’s breeding department has managed to combine this unique colour with excellent productive properties in terms of the number of spikes, growth and leaf position. The variety features a plant height of 60 centimetre and a flower size of sevencentimetre.

Product range

Unlimited in varieties offering unlimited possibilities

Unlimited in varieties offering unlimited possibilities

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Company news

Anthura’s 80th anniversary

Anthura’s 80th anniversary

With gratitude to everyone who has supported us, Anthura proudly celebrates its 80th anniversary in 2018. Anthura’s family roots go back to 1938, the year when first generation of family van der Knaap started a horticulture company. In eighty years we have grown from a small family business to a worldwide specialist in Orchids and Anthurium.

Company profile

Anthura specializes in Orchids and Anthurium. We decorate the world with colourful flowers and plants, by developing innovative and sustainable products for growers and consumers. With the assistance of a highly motivated team of professionals, we translate developments in breeding and production techniques and consumer trends into new varieties.

Innovation and sustainability play a central role in the way we work and think. We develop new cultivation techniques on your behalf to achieve the most efficient possible production and sales process of Orchids and Anthuriums.

Be surprised and get inspired by Anthura, ‘Unlimited in varieties offering unlimited possibilities’.