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Livium, a real work of art

Livium, a real work of art

Livium is a symbol for the 'next generation' in Anthuriums. The natural veins give a beautiful look and feel to the variety. This novelty really has the X-factor. Anthura is proud of this beautiful breeding result, which is likely to lead to a completely new line of pot Anthuriums in the future. The natural outlines and patterns on the spadix are particularly beautiful and give it a really special appearance. 

The plant is suitable for pot sizes 14 and 17 cm. The flowers are medium in size and the predominant colour is red with clear white coloured veins in the flower. The shelf life of the plant is good to excellent. Availability will be limited during the early phases. This will increase during the course of 2019.

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Unlimited in varieties offering unlimited possibilities

Unlimited in varieties offering unlimited possibilities

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Anthura wins the Plantum Sustainability Award 2018

Anthura wins the Plantum Sustainability Award 2018

With the reintroduction of Cypripedium in the Swiss countryside, Anthura has won the Plantum Sustainability Award 2018. The initiative not only contributes to the conservation of biodiversity, but also ensures the preservation of Switzerland’s natural beauty.

Cypripedium calceolus is a naturally-growing orchid in Switzerland; one of the most spectacular wild European orchids. The downside is that it is popular in illegal trade. These plants are vulnerable in their initial life stage, and specialist knowledge is required. As an expert in the field of propagating and breeding orchids, and as a specialist in growing Cypripedium seedlings, Anthura was asked by the Swiss Orchid Foundation to grow plants using wild Cypripedium seeds. As many as 3,000 mature plants were the result.

A team of staff from Anthura cooperated with the Swiss Orchid Foundation in late June, planting 3,000 Cypripedium calceolus plants in natural settings in 44 different locations in Switzerland. One of the things that has contributed to making this project so unique is the tremendous commitment and voluntary participation of our employees. All our staff are proud to win this prize. It is also the cherry on the cake of the 80th anniversary that Anthura is celebrating this year.

The prize was announced at the general meeting of members of Plantum on Friday September 21 and was accepted by Mark van der Knaap.

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Anthura specializes in Orchids and Anthurium. We decorate the world with colourful flowers and plants, by developing innovative and sustainable products for growers and consumers. With the assistance of a highly motivated team of professionals, we translate developments in breeding and production techniques and consumer trends into new varieties.

Innovation and sustainability play a central role in the way we work and think. We develop new cultivation techniques on your behalf to achieve the most efficient possible production and sales process of Orchids and Anthuriums.

Be surprised and get inspired by Anthura, ‘Unlimited in varieties offering unlimited possibilities’.