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Banderola - a wave of flowers

Banderola - a wave of flowers

As a breeder, you are constantly focused on the long term. What will be the trends in ten years? What will pique the interest of the future generation? Which plant can truly grow with the times? These are the questions that gave rise to the Banderola® series. A graceful and refined segment of anthurium, ready to grow with the generation of tomorrow.

The flowers resemble graceful ribbons and blend harmoniously with the leaves in a playful manner. These charming plants produce a wave of flowers. Beautiful in large pot sizes but also highly suitable for smaller sizes. Timeless elegance in the colours red and white.

Banderola® Roja is the first red variant in this new series, distinguished by the abundant number of flowers per plant and its exuberant bloom. The ribbon-like shape of the flowers is prominently visible and truly sets this segment apart from the familiar Anthurium. The Roja enlivens your surroundings with its playful appearance while maintaining a classic touch with its deep red colour.

Banderola® Cava
The white variant in this new series exudes freshness. The name Cava is fitting: this plant sparkles just like the sparkling wine it’s named after. With the exuberant bloom of the white, upright flowers and the dignified leaves, it’s a charming presence. Festive and elegant, the plant is suitable for both serene aesthetics and celebratory occasions.

Banderola® Lava exudes warmth, and the ton-sur-ton colour scheme of the flower and the spathe enhances that feeling. The name Lava is chosen for a reason: as if the plant is glowing, the Lava is a fiery display. This passionate Anthurium evokes a pleasant sensation every time you pass by.

Product range

Anthura Nazare

Anthura Nazare

Anthura Nazare is an exceptional newcomer in the Phalaenopsis pot plant segment. The typical flowing movement of the branches conveys an image of freedom and space. The main colour of the Nazare flower is white with a yellow lip and small pink details. This combination creates an effortless look that is suitable for a wide range of interior styles.

Company news

Out with the old, in with the new!

Out with the old, in with the new!

Blooming rebranding

It is finally here! We are proud to announce to you that we are about to write a new chapter in our history. In recent months, together with colleagues, customers and partners, we have dived deep into our core and reflected on our essence. In a constantly changing world, we are determined to keep evolving and innovating for a positive impact on the world. This has led to a sharpening of our strategy. The rebranding reflects this.

But first… 
Anthura, with its 80-plus years of experience, has developed as the expert in breeding Anthurium and Orchids, and recently Bromeliads have been added to the portfolio. It is in our DNA to constantly raise the bar and you are driven to do better every day. By working closely together – both internally and externally – we can stay ahead in the market. Only together with you, our customers and our partners, we can make the most beautiful product and make the world more beautiful with our plants and flowers in a sustainable way.

Blooming renewal
This strategic repositioning does not just include a new visual identity. With the launch of the new slogan ‘Creating blooming happiness’, we are undergoing a blooming renewal. The choice of this inspiring slogan reflects our mission not only to supply young plant material, but also to make the world more beautiful and let everyone – anywhere in the world – enjoy Anthuriums, Bromeliads and Orchids. 

Marco van Herk, Commercial Director: “Our rebranding is a reflection of our conviction to strive together to make a positive impact on the world around us. With ‘Creating blooming happiness’, we want to bring happiness to everyone who brings an Anthura flowering plant or flower into their home.” 

Upcoming months 
During 2024, we will gradually transition to the renewed brand identity with the accompanying new visual identity. In the coming months, we will inform you via our socials on a daily basis. So be sure to follow us on our social media channels for updates. 

Company profile

Anthura is the world’s leading expert in Anthurium and Orchid breeding with more than 80 years of experience. We use innovative techniques to develop sustainable varieties that find their way to the consumer via growers. The cuttingedge, high-quality research on Anthurium and Orchids results in the development of stronger plants as well as new colours and shapes. More than 700 varieties are marketed in more than 70 countries. The employees in the Netherlands, Germany, North Macedonia and China are driven to do better every day.

It’s in our DNA to keep raising the bar. By working closely together - both internally and externally - we are able to stay one step ahead in the market. Only together we can create the most beautiful product. This fits perfectly with our mission to make the world more beautiful and to let everyone - anywhere - enjoy Anthuriums and Orchids.