Robert-Bunsen-Str. 7
DE 79108 Freiburg
Ms. Sabine Fey

Company profile

Passion for Quality in Fruit
That's ARTEVOS .

Artevos is an association of 12 shareholders who have joined their forces to support the development, promotion and marketing of new, healthy fruit varieties by contributing their strengths and competences. Active for the good taste – this has been the motivation for our search for new fruit varieties for over 25 years.

For as different as they are, all our new fruit varieties have an important common feature: a new flavourful experience that meets the highest demands. Our fruit varieties come exclusively from conventional breeding work. We work intensively with famous institutions in Germany and abroad which specialize in the breeding work. 

We are firmly convinced that only together we can develop valuable ideas for new varieties. By "we" we mean ARTEVOS and our partners, but also interested nurseries who want to take advantage of our new varieties and our range of products for their production success. In order that these companies / enterprises can participate in our new fruit varieties and contribute to their multiplication, we issue licences – we are currently working with more than 200 nurseries in and outside Europe.

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