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First Editions®

First Editions®

First Editions® is a premium collection of shrubs, trees, evergreens, vines and perennials that have been carefully tested and Selected for Success™. When you choose First Editions®, you get top-notch genetics, with excellent varietal characteristics for example, Mediterranean to boreal regions of Europe, all carefully developed by a company you can trust.


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Bailey Nurseries®, one of the world’s leading breeders and producers of woody ornamentals, works with licensed growers in seven European countries to expand and distribute our consumer brands including Endless Summer® hydrangeas, First Editions® trees and shrubs and Easy Elegance® roses. With groundbreaking genetics like Endless Summer® BloomStar®, one of four reblooming garden hydrangeas, and Amber Jubilee® Physocarpus, Bailey Nurseries is committed to bringing best in class products and marketing support to the European market.