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Mr. Rolf Würthle

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The company and development of BIPLANTOL®
The BIOPLANT Naturverfahren GmbH (Ltd) was founded in 1984 with its headquater in Konstanz on Lake Constance and is the leading manufacturer of homeopathic plant strengthening agents. The family-owned company currently employs nine staff and looks back on more than 30 years of experience. Good results and an ever-growing customer base underline the quality of our work and research.
Homeophathy works for plants too
The use of homeopathy is well known in both human and veterinary medicine. That homeopathy can significantly contribute to the health of plants is relatively new to many people, as is the fact that it is now widely applied.
The homeopathic complex remedy Biplantol was developed for the restoration of trees by Konrad Würthle, chemist and naturalist from Konstanz, during the debate on the forest dieback in the 70s and 80s. It is based inter alia on biochemical functional remedies according to Dr. Schuessler and experiences with natural healing in humans.
The basis for the resulting Biplantol product line is a combination of plant extracts, minerals and trace elements in homeopathic-dynamicized form (D6-D100). Biplantol is a biochemical/physical complex; it is neither a pesticide nor fertilizer in its classical form, but instread a subtle functional agent for the control of biological processes (functional control of life and exchange processes). The intrinsic structure of Biplantol gives it a regulating effect on the metabolism of the plant and supports natural processes in the soil. The substances contained in Biplantol acquire a "potentiated" effect during the dynamization in several homeopathic dilutions. This phenomenon supports the development of resistance mechanisms against diseases.


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