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Product range

REC 15 - Pressure controlled battery backpack sprayer with CAS system

REC 15 - Pressure controlled battery backpack sprayer with CAS system

• CAS battery pack 18 V Li-Power / 4.0 Ah
• Ergonomically shaped tank (15l)
• Operating pressure adjustable (0.5 to 6 bar)
• Spray output: 0.2 - 1.4 l / min
• Charging time < 80 min
• Brass nozzle adjustable
• Robust pump
• 60 cm brass spray tube
• Protective setup for pump and battery pack
• Hose outlet in front
• Robust brass trigger valve with locking and blocking function

Product range

Battery spray blower AS 1200 with CAS battery pack faciliates a new spraying procedure for plant protection

Battery spray blower AS 1200 with CAS battery pack faciliates a new spraying procedure for plant protection

The AS 1200 battery-powered spray blower is designed to be used as an attachment in conjunction with a sprayer from Birchmeier’s “Accu-Power” range. The manufacturer has now upgraded the spray blower to 36 volts by coupling two CAS (Cordless Alliance System) 18-volt battery packs that are attached side by side.

The powerful LiHD batteries, the voltage increase and extremely low-resource energy efficiency increase the battery-powered spray blower’s run time by approximately 50%. What’s more, the highest blower level (the turbo level), which was previously limited to 30 seconds, can now be used permanently. As such, large ranges can be covered during the entire operating time.

The Swiss manufacturer has developed a handy 2-in-1 solution for attaching the battery packs: the unit containing the two battery packs can either be attached to the backpack sprayer or worn as a hip belt, for example when using wheelbarrow sprayers.

Users also benefit from the fact that both the battery packs and the charging units of the 26 partners in the CAS network ensure cross-manufacturer compatibility and can be used with over 280 devices. Users’ purchasing costs are greatly reduced thanks to the fact that the battery packs can be used repeatedly in a wide variety of different devices. The CAS system is high quality and boasts performance characteristics able to cope with demanding applications, for example short charging times as well as impressive capacity, operational reliability and service life.


Controlled airflow increases target area accuracy

The AS 1200 battery-powered spray blower optimises the application of pesticides and plant strengtheners, whether users are aiming to spray a specific area with pin-point accuracy or cover dense foliage, hedges or flat areas.  The choice of different nozzle types and spray pressures enables users to make the right adjustments to suit the application in question. Using a low blower level results in a light airflow capable of moving leaves in close range, meaning that the droplets will land perfectly on the foliage and gently moisten both the upper and lower sides of each leaf. The blower power can be increased to hurricane level, the spray pressure can be adjusted and the nozzle type can potentially be changed for higher applications (up to 13 metres).

This new process enables users to penetrate their plants better and hence increase effectiveness. The process also saves spray solution because more of it lands on the plant, it is distributed better and less of it is lost when spraying. It prevents almost all unwanted spray drift.

Product range

Powerful performance for demanding situations - Two wheel battery sprayer A50 with CAs battery

Powerful performance for demanding situations - Two wheel battery sprayer A50 with CAs battery

Birchmeier presents the two wheel battery pressure sprayer A 50 with CAS system and an electronic control system. This allows you to preset the pressure and maintain it at a constant level. It also monitors important functions such as the pump and rechargeable battery. A constant pressure results in constant spray characteristics. This maximises effectiveness while reducing the amount of solution used.

Depending on the pressure and the accessories used, the rechargeable battery lasts to over nine hours.

Birchmeier devices are famous for their well-thought-out, practical details. For example, the A 50 has a built-in mixing function. When the stirring mechanism is switched on, the spray liquid in the container is mixed with the help of the pump. Not only does this prevent liquid settling at the bottom of the container – it also allows spray solutions to be mixed in the device.

The benefits of the new sprayer are obvious: no smell of petrol or exhaust gases when working, and a lightweight, economical device which like all Birchmeier products is extremely easy to operate.

  • The user sets the desired operating pressure anywhere from 1 to 10 bar using a rotary control.
  • Thanks to a 50 litre scale on the plastic container, the fill level can be read easily.
  • The 10 metre long hose which is wrapped around the neck of the device when it is not being used allows flexible use even at long distances.
  • A practical holder on the side of the device is provided to store spray tubes and the XL8 telescopic lance.
  • The robust wheels can be locked with a brake to prevent the sprayer accidentally rolling away.The wide range of standard equipment includes: a trigger brass assembly, a 60 cm long spray tube (straight) with a double nozzle holder and two 1.5 Duro mist nozzles. A 60 cm spray tube (curved) and an angled nozzle also come supplied.
  • The wide range of accessories from the manufacturer including the Vario Gun spray gun, the XL 8 telescopic lance, the spray boom or hood and various nozzles make the product even more versatile.
Product range

The «Accu-Power» line - Environmentally friendly rechargeable technology for pest control

The «Accu-Power» line  - Environmentally friendly rechargeable technology for pest control

Birchmeier Sprühtechnik AG presents at IPM the «Accu-Power» line. This environmentally friendly battery product line won the Taspo Award 2017 in the category "Innovative Product".
In addition to the battery backpack sprayers REB 15 , REC 15 and REX 15 and the two-wheel battery sprayer A 50 , the company now offers the b attery spray blower AS 1200  and pump station BM 1035 , the wheel barrow sprayers A 75 and A 130 which can be converted into rechargeable devices. This means that the manufacturer provides zero emission free products with reliable technology in various performance classes. 

As the first manufacturer the company introduced a comprehensive range of battery sprayers for plant protection. These powerful products are a real alternative to engine-powered sprayers.
Instead of noise and exhaust gases, users enjoy sophisticated technology, highly convenient operation and practical features.
The electronic regulating system acts as a control centre in all «Accu-Power» devices. First used in the REC 15 backpack sprayer, the intelligent control system has proven extremely successful in use.
Birchmeier attaches great importance to providing products tailored to the needs of all users in the plant sector. Because of this, various «Accu-Power» devices are available, offering different pressure ranges, application rates and operating times: 
Horticulture and landscaping/ cemeteries: Generally speaking, pest control in relatively small areas is required here. With a pressure of 4.5 bar and an operating time of more than four hours, the REB 15 will be adequate for most applications. For higher pressures and longer operating times, e.g. when applying fungicides, the REC 15 with up to 6 bar is recommended.

Sports grounds and golf courses: With an operating time of more than ten hours, the REX 15 is recommended for applying herbicides. The REC 15 is suitable for smaller areas.

Tree nurseries, fruit-growing and wine-growing: The REX 15 with 10 bar offers the manoeuvrability of a backpack sprayer with a high pressure for spraying range and stock penetration. The device’s high application rate also allows quick and efficient spraying.

Indoor plants: The A 50 cart sprayer or the «Accu-Power» pump station BM 1035 with an application rate of four to five litres per minute are ideal here.

Flowers and decorative plants: For propagation and young plants, high flow rates with low pressures are very important. With an operating time of more than eight hours, the REC 15 is ideal here. If a high level of stock penetration is needed for established or specimen plants, it offers ample performance thanks to a pressure of 6 bar.

Vegetable-growing/ speciality vegetable-growing: Large quantities of spraying solution and a long operating time are important here, e.g. in tunnels at the edge of a company site. With a 50 litre capacity and an operating time of more than 14 hours, the A 50 meets these requirements. The rechargeable A 75 and A 130 cart sprayers are suitable for larger areas. The BM 1035 can be used as a pump station for even larger tanks.

Company profile

Birchmeier has been a leading Swiss manufacturer of sprayers, foamers and dosing units, spreaders and powder dusters for more than 140 years. Its wide range of products includes anything from small hand sprayers to backpack or cart sprayers. They can be used in gardens, agriculture, commerce and a wide range of industries. Birchmeier products are famed for their Swiss quality, functionality and reliability. The durability of products also plays a key role for the company. In 1889, the Swiss firm developed the world’s first backpack sprayer. The company never stops developing innovative new products, such as the “Accu-Power” range of sprayers with intelligent pressure control. All devices are developed and produced in the company’s own production facilities in Stetten (Switzerland). The products are exported to over 80 countries.
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