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Capi Europe - Made in Holland

Capi Europe - Made in Holland

Capi Europe is expanding its outdoor range this year with a number of new series. The Nature collection is added to the Rock line. These planters look like a block of rock. The Urban collection is new and features the Smooth series. This series consists of planters with a smooth finish and the look of rough natural stone. In addition there is the Tube series, featuring planters with a contemporary line structure. The Lux collection consists of clean-cut modern planters and planters with a graphic finish in the form of a diamond pattern. The heraldic planters are available in a new colour: rust.

Capi Europe has made great progress in pursuing its vision ‘Planters made in Holland’. The famous Rib and Row-series are now also produced in several designs in the Netherlands. The company also introduces two completely new designs: Rock and Tube. They are all made like the Smooth-series. The beautiful designs are now offered in a sustainable product. Just like the famous Capi Smooth pots they are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Company news

New headquarter Capi Europe

New headquarter Capi Europe

Because of its strong growth, Capi Europe has moved to its new headquarter in Tilburg, NL,  since November 2017. Here we can work on the future of Capi Europe. We triple the production capacity of the Made in Holland planters and we create new jobs with that.

After choosing to reshore in 2012, this new headquarter is a wish coming true. The Made in Holland planters are made from the best raw materials in a sustainable way. By producing locally, we keep the production on our own so that we can manage a sustainable future.

The past seven months we have been busy, building our new headquarter. Everything is custom made, so we now have everything under one roof: office, production, warehouse, expedition and showroom. This way we can even better serve our clients.

The office, showroom and production facilities are bigger than ever before, in order to master the increasing demand of Capi pots. Our new building is 38,470 m2!

The number of productions robots has tripled and we strive to work with 18 robots in the future. At the moment we work with 10 robots 24/7. Our warehouse has 18 loading docks so that the orders can be transported rapidly to our customers.

Capi Europe
Asteriastraat 17-19
5047RM Tilburg
The Netherlands

Company profile

Capi Europe

Capi Europe designs and produces indoor and outdoor pots for home, garden and patio, for any plant and for every style. Their natural feel and high quality finishing give Capi pots their unusual and distinctive appeal. Not to mention their light weight – but robust exterior – and weather resistance. The production process also makes Capi pots special: more and more of the collection is Made in Holland, savings on energy and transport are high priority. The planters Made in Holland are made from recyclable material. Capi Europe pots are now for sale in over 65 countries.

Capi Europe. Pots with personality.