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EcoFibri® – We now produce our own wood fiber

EcoFibri® – We now produce our own wood fiber

Sustainability has become the new standard and a key success factor.
With almost 20 years of experience in the substrate industry, CompaQpeat convinced that wood fiber is one of the most suitable alternative constituents for producing high-quality substrates.

Close to the production facilities in Latvia, the company produces its wood fiber under the name EcoFibri® with only carefully chosen coniferous woos using advanced production technologies.

During an optimized production process, the team generates temperatures of more than 120 degrees in order to produce a sanitized substrate constituent and guarantee optimum crop safety.

EcoFibri® offers various advantages:

 Increased air capacity
 Improved structural stability
 Optimized drainage capacity
 Strong root development
 Suitable for various segments
 Simplified fertilization due to a stable nitrogen level
 Savings in transport costs due to weight reduction

EcoFibri® significantly supports the strategic goal to increase the use of alternative constituents and stand for sustainable production of high-quality substrates. The certification process by RAL has already started and will be finalized soon.

Company news

Strategy 2030 – Our way into a successful future.

Strategy 2030 – Our way into a successful future.

The world and also the horticultural market are changing on a constant basis. Dealing with upcoming chances and challenges has become a key success factor in a changing environment.

The most successful companies are those that find themselves back in a constant transformation process, permanently adapting to new technologies, new markets and new customer demands. For that, we need to understand the future requests and needs of our customers.

Compaqpeat was aware of this and started an intensive strategy process with its employees. This process has been finalized at the beginning of this year.

Our Strategy 2030 is about continuously adapting to changing circumstances. It is a matter of improving processes step by step, analyzing market demands and developing the best solutions for our customers. For Compaqpeat as a family business, the customer is in the center of all actions. Our approach is to offer high-quality products and to provide an excellent customer service at the same time – also in a changing environment.

We are convinced that under the guise of our Strategy 2030, we will be able to further develop our production and services and remain a reliable and successful partner for our customers all over the world.

Company profile

Our company was established in 2001 and works under Compaqpeat brand since 2007 producing peat and professional substrates using its own peat bogs and manufacturing plant. We bring together the four main factors that make quality product – people, peat, production and logistics.

All products labelled “Made in LV" and we supply our customers in more than 45 countries worldwide.

We are investing in better working conditions, nature and environment preservation and the continuous improvement of our products.