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Building Trust through Collaboration

Building Trust through Collaboration

In times that have become increasingly turbulent for global horticulture, the importance of alliances based on trust and reliability is growing more significant.


In the coming years, the fields of horticulture and agriculture face substantial challenges. Ensuring the production of food and sustenance demands a dependable supply of high-quality raw materials for plant cultivation.


Among these materials, horticultural substrates hold particular prominence. The worldwide demand for them is on the rise, driven by regions and countries that can no longer ensure their self-sufficiency.


It is not only the quantity but also the unquestionable necessity of consistently high quality that matters. To reliably deliver this consistent quality, having access to one's own raw materials is of great advantage.


Compaqpeat has taken significant steps in recent years to achieve a high degree of independence from external sources.


Our resources encompass:


·      Large, high-quality proprietary peat deposits

·      Two independent substrate production facilities

·      Proprietary substrate raw materials in the "peat substitute" category

·      An in-house innovation department

·      A multi-stage quality management system for raw materials and substrate products

·      Internationally experienced consultants with substantial expertise

·      A strong network within industry associations and professional organizations


Compaqpeat – Current Projects:


·      Enhancing the utilization of Maltfibre® (brewery waste)

·      Improving the application of Ecofibre® (wood fiber)

·      Developing new strategies for pH stabilization in substrate mixtures


Compaqpeat and its current and future responsibilities include:


·      Identifying and developing new peat substitute materials

·      Pursuing economically and ecologically sustainable peat extraction

·      Maintaining an ethically and morally exemplary approach to employees and customers

·      Operating with transparency and responsible behavior, considering the significant challenges posed by climate change

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At Compaqpeat, we pride ourselves on being a leading producer of premium substrates, ensuring excellence from the peat bog to the final product. Our unwavering commitment to quality is reflected in every step we control in-house, from sustainably harvesting peat in Latvia to our precision-driven production processes. Our substrates, synonymous with reliability and sustainability, have been instrumental in fostering growth and nurturing partnerships in over 70 countries, solidifying our position as a trusted global ally in horticulture. For more than two decades, we at Compaqpeat have been cultivating trust, driving innovation, and championing environmental stewardship, delivering nature's best to nurture your growth.