C.da Salica, San Biagio
IT 98050 Terme Vigliatore (ME)
Mr. Jean-Philippe Soumagne
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Product range

Mediterranean Plants

Mediterranean Plants

Citrus, Olea, Dipladenia, Bougainvillea, Palmen, Kentia, Callistemon, Mimosa, Myrthus, Nerium Oleander...

Company profile

Direct Sicily is specialized in sourcing, organizing, controlling , marketing and logistics of mediterranean plants of Sicily, Puglia and the region of Rome, with a permanent representation in the field of highly experienced specialists. The main products are citrus, olives, bamboos, bougainvillea, callas, callistemons, camellias, Kentias, mimosas, oleanders, palms, polygalas, dipladenias , vitis, etc. . .. The buying office is ideally situated at Terme Vigliatore (Sicily) in the middle of the citrus and olea productions. We export to over 15 european countries. Our partners are exclusively wholesalers in Europe. Our main targets are: a selection of high quality plants, a system of quick delivery and negotiated prices to  develop long-term relationships. Our services: SOURCING (Our specialists are constantly looking for new opportunities to satisfy your requests); ORGANIZATION (1. Production schedules for growers, 2. Contracts cultures for your actions, 3. Weekly selections and availability of products); CONTROL (Thanks to our continuous presence in the field, we assure you a quality control in production and on our platforms when ordering); MARKETING (In partnership with you, we are looking for new marketing concepts to develop together the sales of mediterranean plants -choice of the range, new products, added value , services ...- ); LOGISTICS (With our logistics plateforms and a network of specialized carriers, we ensure weekly loads throughout the year, and almost daily from 15th February to 15th May. Our goal is to ensure delivery "just in time" with a quick turnover of your mediterranean plants. You can load from 1 cc to full truck).


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