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Ms. Ulla Ebbing-Lohaus

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At Ebbing-Lohaus, our concept of quality includes shouldering responsibility

Our quality standards apply not only to our products but also to all of the processes in our business. We support our business partners in their work by offering a steady stream of product innovations. Besides developing new products, however, it is just as important to make sure that the classic products in our range maintain their market position by guaranteeing excellent quality and reliability.
We are always available to advise and assist our customers with individual queries. Ebbing-Lohaus sets great store by personal contact and sound, trusting relationships. We have made it our goal to grow in line with market demands and our customers' wishes. To achieve this, we invest in the continuing development of our business and everything that supports the quality of our products.
Our staff are the focus of particular attention. We all work as a team, supporting each other in our day-to-day activities and in our commitment to the best possible products and satisfied customers. To this end, we also encourage our staff to develop their individual skills, so that we can continue to meet market demands and our partners' wishes into the future.

Our services:
At Ebbing-Lohaus, we specialise in the production of seed and young plants. Our top-quality Primula acaulis seed is marketed to seed wholesalers and nurseries all over the world. Within the German market, we supply mainly young plants. Young plants are marketed primarily as plugs in trays of 336 cells, each cell measuring 1.7 cm in diameter. These plants are ready for potting and should be grown under glass. We also offer pricked-out plants in trays of 102 cells, each cell measuring 2.7 cm in diameter. These plants can also be grown outdoors. Another option is our seed boxes, with 800 plants (seedlings) per box.Our breeding programmes are centred around F1 hybrids, which are distinguished by their high uniformity. This simplifies every aspect of our production planning, from space utilisation through to final sale. Another branch of our business is the cultivation of Cyclamen persicum for marketing as finished products. These are sold exclusively through Flora Holland auctions.