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Phormium cookianum 'Blondie' PBR

Phormium cookianum 'Blondie' PBR


Fitzgerald Nurseries presents Phormium cookianum 'Blondie' PBR.

Key Features

  • Unique weeping plant habit similar to a Chlorophytum 
  • Fine narrow long variegated foliage 
  • Outstanding container specimen


Hardiness: USDA Zone 8.  (15 Fahrenheit or minus twelve degrees)

Foliage: Unique narrow weeping, cream and green variegated foliage

Habit: Tight clumping habit; weeping foliage give a unique distinctive look. 0,90 x 0,60 metre (at maturity)

Culture: Best grown in part shade; feed regularly with high nitrogen

Additional Comments: Plants will exhibit best color when grown in part shade and fed weekly with a well balance fertilizer high in trace element. Remove old foliage at the base and keep in active growth. Plants will loose color with age if not tended correctly.

Uses: Specimen containers, borders, mass landscape planting


Company profile

Press Release IPM 2018

FitzGerald Nurseries will be exhibiting in 2018 for the 12th time at IPM Essen. Over the years IPM Essen has been a great show for FitzGerald Nurseries international customer development. Before participating at IPM in 2007 FitzGerald sold young plants in three countries and now the company sells its young plants in 27 countries. Now the company has evolved two divisions - a food and an ornamental division - and 2018 sees the food business escalating in international terms through the fast growing Beotanics Ltd, a sister company of Fitzgerald Nurseries, and Nativaland JV company in Portugal. This JV is the first partnership from this farming activity and it is driving the commercial scale sweet potato farming in Europe. Scaled sweet potato production did not exist in Northern Europe before FitzGerald Nurseries sweet potato variety program and now its new company Beotanics instigated this activity way back in 2006.

Superfoods! This development is very much on trend with what is happening in the international food movement. The company has engaged with consumers, farmers and media through its Beotanics social media platforms. On Twitter you can follow @Beotanics and European Sweet Potato Facebook page. Our Louisiana sweet potato genetics are becoming now widely recognised as revolutionising sweet potato crop in European agriculture bringing nursery horticultural skills to a crop in the farming sector. In the meantime you can learn more about the activities being carried out at the nursery on these developments at www.beotanics.com

On our stand we will also exhibit the various plants from our MyPlant patio and garden collection. www.myplant.eu 

Our EverColor® collection goes from strength to strength internationally and we will exhibit our range again at IPM 2018.This programme started just one year after our first IPM. EverColor it could be said is the personality keynote of an unusual young plant company for the Irish Horticultural industry. EverColourful and EverSurprising! www.evercolorplants.com

We look forward to meeting you again at IPM 2018 where you can learn more about the above and other plants in our range.