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Press release IPM 2023

FitzGerald Nurseries will be exhibiting at IPM Essen in 2023 for the 15th time after a COVID-19 forced absence in 2021 and 2022. Over the years IPM Essen has been a pivotal show for FitzGerald Nurseries international customer development and indeed the unprecedented events of the last two years will themselves have a pivotal impact on the whole European horticulture industry forcing change in many areas of industry and consumer living came slowly in the past. Before participating at IPM in 2007 FitzGerald sold young plants in three countries and now the company sells its young plants in 38 countries worldwide across a range of three main branded categories: MyPlant® range, EverColor® range and our plant-based food category range The Chefs Farm for the hobby market and Beotanics targeted at industrial food supply chains including sweet potato through our sister company in Portugal Nativaland.

The three main pillars its business is built upon:

1.       EverColor – through extensive in-house breeding programs over the last fifteen years FitzGerald developed a unique range of ornamental sedge-grasses available now worldwide. The range consists of 8 unique selections suitable for bedding and balcony, patio containers and garden borders in a wide range of growing conditions. Everest, Everillo, Everlime, Everoro, Eversheen, Evercream, Everdi and Everglow and there will be more to come. Stay connected on www.evercolorplants.com . What makes this impactful colour even more relevant now in these energy challenging times is the low temperature winter greenhouse production these ornamental plants offer to our grower clients. 

2.       My Plant – This range has been evolving gradually over the last 15 years and again offers opportunities for lower temperature greenhouse growing while still providing exotic foliage colour. See more at www.myplant.me and at IPM 2023. This brand stands for a carefully selected group of plants suitable for bedding and balcony, patio containers and small garden spaces from breeders around the world including some FitzGerald own breeding selections. The range consists of high value and technically demanding crops in propagation, but easy to care for and long lasting at the grower and consumer side. For the retailer it provides higher margins in financial per pot returns per metre of retail shelf space. 

3.       Beotanics – FitzGerald Nurseries has developed a range of novel food crops. Originally intended only for the hobby market (The Chefs Farm) this range now developed further into the grower market. Plants for farming industry planting from our sweet potato ranges are serviced through a JV company formation 6 years ago named Nativaland www.nativaland.com in Portugal. Find out more on our plant-based food range on www.beotanics.com . In 2020 we have launched our exiting new range of sweet potato varieties which combine for the first time the advantages of the ornamental Ipomoea with those of the edible varieties. Treasure Island is the name of the range and the varieties are called after French Polynesian island. They combine foliage colour and foliage shape with orange, white and purple fleshed sweet potato roots which are equivalent in yield to the farming varieties.

 For further information on either of our product ranges we are looking forward to meeting you at our stand at IPM Essen in hall 2 E18.