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Treasure Island Sweet potatoes

Treasure Island Sweet potatoes

Thanks to the collaboration and concept development by FitzGerald Nurseries and great breeding work at Louisiana State University Agriculture Center a unique range of sweet potato varieties has been developed which combines the values of the ornamental sweet potato varieties with those of the commercial agricultural varieties.

The roots of the Treasure Island sweet potato varieties are edible and compare favorably in harvest and culinary delight to the commercial varieties. The assortment consists of five varieties named after islands of French Polynesia in the South Pacific: Manihi, Makatea, Tatakoto, Tahiti and Kaukura. This provides an interesting backdrop and education of these forgotten exotic islands.

With the Treasure Island Sweet potatoes you can create a garden paradise of colour on your balcony, patio, conservatory or pergola throughout the summer and when harvest time comes in the autumn you can create some lovely sweet dishes for your family and friends. Did you know that also the leaves are edible and can be used in colourful summer salads, stir fries or fresh smoothies? They are also very healthy through their contents of Vitamin B, Beta-Carotene, Iron, Calcium, Zinc and Protein as well as other bio-actives.

The foliage colour can be green, golden or purple, the leaf shape varies from heart shaped to maple shaped to finger shaped. The roots vary from white to orange to purple both for the root skin and the flesh colour without losing the delicious sweet taste of the popular sweet potatoes. 

Young plants will be produced for sale in Europe under license only by FitzGerald, Graines Voltz and Histhil.

For further information: https://fitzgerald-nurseries.com/downloads