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From 2019: Better standards through own coco processing

From 2019: Better standards through own coco processing

Gramoflor has developed its own method to process the raw material cocopeat in its own production facilities under controlled and therefore more environmentally friendly conditions.
Thereby, three quality types can be offered and the continuity of the chemical and physical properties is improved.


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Well combined - Peat reduced!

Well combined - Peat reduced!

The substrate company Gramoflor from Vechta owns peat extraction sites in North Germany, an own wood fibre production and is able to process the resource coco in the own production facilities. In addition to the pure raw material properties Gramoflor also provides other good arguments regarding quality, environmental sustainability and price-performance ratio.

It is the combination of the three main raw materials peat, wood fibre and coco, which makes a peat reduced substrate successful.
The Gramoflor Managing Director Josef Gramann explains: ‘‘It is so much sense in the statement ‘Well combined – Peat reduced!, which we want to carry on giving as an advice for sustainable and also effective way for peat reduction. Renewable resources like the wood fibre and the environmentally friendly processed Coco are definitely the methods of choice.“

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The substrate company Gramoflor combined services:

  • Production of high-grade substrates for commercial growers and selected potting soils for specialist shops
  • Responsible extraction of peat and usage of renewable resources. Since 2018: wood fibre from own production with the latest refiner technology! In 2019: own processing of Cocopeat!
  • Distribution of high-grade substrates and related products with the support of our dedicated and competent expert advisors
  • Renaturation of former agriculturally used peat deposits to living mires.