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Well calculated - cultivated with success

For the professional gardener, it is important not only to work sustainably, but also efficiently and economically. Gramoflor's new gramoNUTRI-concept offers valuable support here.

A progressive reduction of peat in professional substrates towards more sustainable peat substitutes goes hand in hand with the use of a wide variety of organic raw materials. This makes the optimal composition of the substrate increasingly complex. This is exactly where Gramoflor comes in with the gramoNUTRI-concept:

Based on years of experience, the N-immobilisation can be calculated recipe-dependently for all horticultural spades and special crops as well as for different cultivation methods. This makes it possible to compensate for N loss by applying a defined amount of fertiliser.

The specific chemical properties (N, P2O5 and K2O contents) of volume builders, such as wood fibres, cocopeat, bark humus and substrate compost, are taken into account, as are the fertilisers used.

A deposit of individual cultivation conditions, or e.g. of irrigation water analyses, enables even more personal advice with the help of the gramoNUTRI-concept.

Gramoflor thus enables its customers to efficiently and economically coordinate the raw materials and fertilisers used in the substrate.

The responsible consultant can quickly carry out the calculations directly at the customer's site, so that he can offer a prompt quotation.

The gramoNUTRI-concept thus makes an important contribution to the professional, digitally supported advice of the professional gardener and to a successful cultivation process, especially in the start-up phase.

Company profile

The substrate company Gramoflor combined services:

  • Production of high-grade substrates for commercial growers and selected potting soils for specialist shops
  • Responsible extraction of peat and usage of renewable resources. Since 2018: wood fibre from own production with the latest refiner technology! Since 2019: own processing of Cocopeat!
  • Distribution of high-grade substrates and related products with the support of our dedicated and competent expert advisors
  • Renaturation of former agriculturally used peat deposits to living mires.