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Products and new innovations


Hydrangea Breeders Association BV is presenting very interesting hydrangea novelties in 2018.

Special attention is drawn to the first  double flowered HBA-hydrangea: Double Pink. Double Pink is characterized by its beautiful dense double flowers and strong stems. The compact growth, good branching and striking pink flower colour complete the excellent qualities of this new hydrangea. 

The striking new Green Lips is an eye-catcher for your garden. This bicolour variety shows a very special colouring: pink or purple flowers with green lip. A striking combination which makes Green Lips an asset to the assortment. When developing throughout the blooming season the flower colour changes more and more into green. Other features of Green Lips are the 100 per cent flower induction, the nice and rounded plant shape and sturdy branches. A long lasting eye-catcher for home and garden.

This new large flowered mophead hydrangea Sarena pink (and Sarena blue) comes 100 per cent into bloom and is an easy branching variety. Sarena is very suitable for blueing and  for early production as well. Because of  the large sepals, the pink and blue flowers are extra attractive. The compact, rounded plant shape makes it an extra advantage for hydrangea growers.

The modern table hydrangea, for indoor and outdoor with unique features. With its decorative elegance, its strong and beautiful flowers and compact plant shape, this newly bred jewel Tabletensia® embellishes your home and garden. Tabletensia® blooms till late summer with beautiful shades of color.