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Hydranga macrophylla potted plants, for indoor and outdoor, patio and balcony;

Hydrangea macrophylla cut flowers: pruning varieties and tropical varieties;

Hydrangea paniculata

Product range

Hydrangea macrophylla FAY 'H218914'

Hydrangea macrophylla FAY 'H218914'

New type of double flowered lacecap hydrangea:
- Flower heads fill quickly with double pale pink/ soft blue flowers
- Compact growth with strong shoots
- Very good branching
- Medium strong growth
- Dark green foliage
- Forcing time only about 8 weeks
- Well suited for 12 to 17 cm pots
- Color: pale pink / soft purplish blue
- No flower drop, so the plants keep clean
- Flowers turn to beautiful light green in Autumn
- Very good shelf life

Company profile

Hydrangea Breeders Association  (HBA)  develops new hydrangea varieties for the customers’ profit and consumers’ satisfaction. At the joint companies’ premises the result from the crosses and other breeding activities is produced into flowering. Selections and choices are made on the spot, thus within the normal production procedures. Wishes and questions are therefore easily reported from the field / greenhouse and incorporated into a sophisticated breeding program. New varieties are being tested extensively in practice.

Our varieties come about thanks to a fruitful collaboration between the Agriom breeding company in De Kwakel (NL) and the renowned producers and selection companies Heuger Gartenbau betriebe in Glandorf (DE) and Kötterheinrich Hortensien in Lengerich (DE). The breeding results are jointly assessed through careful selection and frequent test methods. Partly due to the excellent relationship with customers worldwide, specific requirements and wishes can be implemented in this selection process, so that our top varieties prove themselves effortlessly in the market.