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Mr. Jörg Kohout
Product range

Our product range ...

Our product range ...

The Kohout nursery offers you the largest selection of woody rarities. Our balanced range of exclusive rarities, novelties, shaped plants, rhododendrons, deciduous shrubs and witches brooms leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to shaping and plant selection.

Our own, handpicked selections of woody plants have made Kohout nursery known worldwide. According to old family tradition, they are used sustainably and under constant quality control. The own propagation and cultivation ensures the use of the best genetic material of vital and healthy plants, which are well adapted to the climate.

Many of the miniature forms known today have been created and selected as witches brooms. Our in-house selections have improved the range of dwarf shrubs available in the market and offer you almost unlimited possibilities for use.

The breeding of new varieties for your individual needs and locations is our incentive. With us you will find the largest selection of Minigehölzen in the best quality.

Coniferous trees play an important role in ecology. They provide protection for many insects and are the habitat for many species of insects that can survive only in coexistence with conifers. They are an important oxygen supplier, especially in the winter months.

Their soothing green or their different needle colors set special accents in the design.

Only with us you will find a balanced assortment of deciduous trees, deciduous shrubs, shrubs and dwarfs. We offer you flowering shrubs for every season.

Evergreen deciduous trees, special flowers by new varieties and hand-picked and refined growth forms.

In the Far Eastern garden art, trees and shrubs are called bonsai, which are aesthetically shaped and pulled. It is the fascination of the harmony of these plants that touches us and the calm and the balance that they radiate.

With us you are guaranteed to find the right mold that suits you.

Company profile

Our nursery is located just outside the capital of Saxony Dresden. On 27 hectares of its own nursery area we produce needle and ornamental trees of all kinds Our unique range offers a huge selection of.:

- Rarities / Bonsai
- Dwarf shrubs / Hexenbesen
- Pedigree Performance
- Suspended or mourning forms
- column forms
- colored trees

Through the rough, continental climate of the region, our plants have to adapt to be able to the climatic conditions of almost all parts of Germany and Europe. The so hardened in a natural way plants are very healthy and robust. Latest cultivation methods ensure a very good rooting even in difficult ways.

Therefore offer our plant on quality of the root.