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Modiform constantly strives to produce packaging and transport products for Horticulture that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. In certain conditions, we realise that our plastic products won’t come back to us or go somewhere else for recycling. For instance, when products go to some retailers or into consumer’s homes. For this reason over the past few years Modiform have looked into other materials and other markets to see what can be used in these types of situations. After these ‘research’ years Modiform have created a brand new product range called ‘EcoExpert’.
Modiform’s EcoExpert product range is made of paper fibre instead of plastic. The paper used is 100% recycled (waste from production of cardboard boxes) and the products we make from it can easily be recycled through the standard household or retailer cardboard recycling system. Not only can it be recycled and composted, but if it finds its way into the natural environment it will degrade within a year.

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Modiform are manufacturers of innovative packaging for horticultural products; including thermoformed and Thomsen injection moulded pots from 6 cm up to 27 cm, growing/transport trays, plug trays, the largest choice of bedding packs and the award winning EcoExpert range of products made from recycled cardboard. Together with customers and supply chain partners, we give recycled materials a new, usable life each and every day. Modiform are committed to closing the material loop together. Our Closed Loop Commitment focuses on maximum preservation of raw materials to prevent unnecessary loss. We warmly invite you to our stand A29 in Hall 3 to see our sustainable products and discuss how we can close the (material?) loop together.

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