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pulsFOG corporate philosophy . . . to protect people, animals and plants

In order to protect people, animals and plants, pulsFOG is manufacturing since more than 50 years in Überlingen at Lake Constance/Germany the patented pulsFOG thermal and cold fog machines for biological and chemical control of harmful organisms and disease vectors in the field of public hygiene, plant protection, stock protection, disinfection and deodorization.  The technology developed by pulsFOG allows applications with selected droplet size ranges between >8  and < 100 µm with a large area effect (10-50 ha/h) but also ultralow volume applications in closed spaces.

pulsFOG BIO fogging equipment allow the use of highly sensitive biological active ingredients (e. g. Bacillus Thuringiensis, Methoprene, Beauveria Bassiana, Neem tree oil).