Erikenstraße 47
DE 33334 Gütersloh
Mr. Karsten Rannacher

Company profile

The horticultural production company Rannacher is directed by Karsten Rannacher and his wife Ulrike. Since 2008 they are the owners of the 2,5ha glashouses and15ha open land. In the company pot plants such as azaleas, erica, calluna and gaultheria are produced. Almost all  products are from own propagation from cuttings or seeds. Karsten Rannacher has always been known for his breeding succes with Azaleas. One of his most popular Azalea varities are Sachsenstern, Michelle Marie, Leonardo and lately introduced Piggy and Elsa. 

Since 2016 the Gaultheria novelties 'White Pearl' (white berries) and 'Panny Pu' (white and re dberries) which are included in the DOTS productline catch attention.