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SANlight P4-Series

SANlight P4-Series

SANlight P4 Series
Uncompromising illumination system for use in greenhouses

The illumination of plants in greenhouses poses a variety of demands on the lighting system. Alongside reliable protection against environmental influences, the shadowing of the luminaire itself also plays a decisive role. Moreover, the installation conditions in each greenhouse are different.
The P4 Series is our answer to these demanding and diverse requirements.
The P4 is available with two different light spectra in order to make the morphogenesis of the various crop plants based upon the customer’s wishes. The P4 series is also available with different radiation characteristics, even in different installation situations, with a targeted and homogeneous distribution of light.

In addition, there are different positions of the LED driver to choose from. In this way, installation costs can be saved and the system can be perfectly integrated into existing installations. Of course, the P4 can also be ordered as a dimmable version.
Each product version of the P4 has its own particular advantages. They all share very good efficiency levels of 2.9μmol/j up to 3.3μmol/J as well as perfect and adjustable light control. Due to the slimline design of the P4 series, shadows cast by the luminaire are kept to a minimum.

Technical Specifications Overview

• 405µmol/s PPF @ spectrum2
• 359µmol/s PPF @ spectrum1
• 130W Power Draw
• 90° Beam Angle or 60°/30° asymmetrical beam angel
• Rectangular and homogeneous light distribution
• Modul-Efficiency up to 3,3µmol/J
• 3 Years Full Warranty
• 90% Light-Output after 80.000h of operating
• Protection rating IP64

Product range



The SANlight FLEX-series is an extreme compact and powerful LED platform. It was specially designed for space-saving applications and has a protection class of IP68. Multiple FLEX-modules are daisy-chainable and easy/flexible to install. Its sophisticated optics allow minimal layer spacing with maximum light distribution and homogeneity.

Typical applications:
» multi-layer cultivation with a minimum layer spacing
» inter-lighting solution for high growing plants
» in-vitro cultivation
» growth chambers
» rooting of cuttings (multi-layer)
» standard substitute for fluorescent tube applications
» additional lighting to existing luminaires

» precise light guidance into the cultivation area –
no photon is wasted
» rectangular illumination pattern with highest homogeneity
» warm-white light-color impression for comfortable
» extremely compact size
» available in multiple lengths

Company profile

We are an innovative company, located in the west of Austria. At our premises in Vorarlberg we develop and manufacture sophisticated and efficient LED lighting for use in commercial gardening as well as at home and for hobby purposes.
Many years of experience in horticulture and in-depth knowledge of photonics and semiconductor technology all contribute to the development of our products.

In our in-house cultivation laboratory we cultivate a variety of plants with our luminaires. The results we achieve are then integrated into our products as quickly as possible. Additionally with the cultivation laboratory we are able to imitate your personal project in advance and test it. To further our capacity we also carry out research together with universities and other research institutions.

In order to exploit the full potential of our products for larger projects we offer you the opportunity to have a consultation on location at your business. In this way we can be flexible in terms of your needs and can customize our luminaire design to suit you.