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Maximize your berry harvest with Gro-Med Coco Grow Bags
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Annually exporting approximately 2000 x 40ft containers. Our products make their way to growers in over 55+ countries
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Growing juicy & nutritious strawberries is made easy with Gro-Med
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Grow Juicy Musk Melons with Gro-Med Coco Grow Bags
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Product range

Coco husk chips

Coco husk chips

Gro med Coco Husk Chips are proven as excellent medium for growing plants like orchids, bromeliads, anthuriums hydroponic growing etc. 

Their coconut husk characteristics like excellent drainage and nutrient-holding capacity helps the healthy growth of plants. 

They absorb 10 times their weight in water and retain moisture.


Product name      : 100% Coco Chips block

Chips Size         : 3-6 mm / 6-12 mm / 12-18 mm / 18-25 mm

Unit Weight        : 5 (+/- 500gms) Kg

Dimension         : 30 X 30 X 12 (+/- 2cm)cm

Compression Ratio  : 5:1

EC                :< 0.8mS/cm 

PH                : 5.5 - 7.0

Water Expansion    :  13Litres/Kg 

Product range

Coco bricks

Coco bricks

Gro-Med Bricks are available in customized formulations suiting to different Re-Hydration Capacity (Water absorption) and Air Fill Porosity depends on different types of plants requirement.

Specifications : 

Size: 20 * 10 * 5 

Weight : 650 gms 

Expansion : 7 to 9 liters 

EC : less than 0.5 dS/m

PH: 5.5 - 7

Suitable for growing vegetables and flowers in Pots, Grow Bags, Planter Bags and Vertical Growing systems.

Product range

Coco peat Grow slabs

Coco peat Grow slabs

Brand name : Gro Med slabs 

Ph  5.5 to 6.5

EC< 0.6 dS / m

 Material  : Can be customized with mix of coco-chips and fiber as per customer needs. Packing : UV Treated Bags with 2 Years Warranty

Application : For growing Tomatoes, Strawberries, Cucumbers, Egg Plant, Paprika, Pepper, Flowers, etc.

Product range

Coir pot

Coir pot

Brand name : Gro Med Coir Pot

Coir Pot is 100% Organic and bio degradable made out of coconut coir fiber. 

They are used as an alternate to plastic pots which is widely used as seed germination pots along

 with our Coir Disc.

Also available in various sizes and shapes used by nurseries, hobby gardeners, green houses 

and professional growers .

Product range

Coir disc & Coir Plugs

Coir disc & Coir Plugs

Brand : Gro Med Disc and Plugs

Material : Sieved coco peat 

Size : 20 mm to 100 mm 

Packing : As per your needs . 

GroMed Disc promotes more root development and minimal transplanting shock with low water logging condition. 

It has optimum water and air ratio suitable to grow vegetables and flowers.

 Application : 

1. For seed germinations  2. Used in Mini Green houses 3. Used in Hydrophonics as media

Product range

Buffered Coco Peat

Buffered Coco Peat

Brand name : Gro-Med Buff+

Weight : 5kg Block
Size: 30 x 30 x 12 cm
Mineral Levels : <6.0 m.mol/litre
Sodium : <1.7 m.mol/litre
Chloride : <3.1 m.mol/litre Potassium content : <1.7 m.mol/litre.
EC : <0.5 dS/m
Compression Ratio : 5:1 Ratio
pH : 6 to 7
Water Expansion : 16 Litre per kg
Moisture : 18% Maximum


Triple washed, LIGNIN washed off and hence the coco peat is CLEAN

Balanced pH and Cations

With buffered coco peat, farmers can use less fertilizers and can have higher yield

Can be directly blended with plant nutrients and prepared ready-mix for farmers . 

Product range

Open top grow bag

Open top grow bag

Gro Med grow bags are designed in such a way to sustain one or two cultivations . 

The media can be easily replaced and the bags can be used.  We cancustomize it as per your needs . 

The bag we place the media is UV treated where you can use it for 2-3 year . 


Brand : Gro - Med Grow bags

Size : 10 liters , 15 liters , 20 liters (Can be customized as per your needs ). 

EC: Less than 1.0 mS

Moisture content : 12-15%

Bag : 2 year UV treatment done, co-extruded inside black outside white 400g bag .


Product range

Gro Med Coco peat 5 kg blocks

Gro Med Coco peat 5 kg blocks

Brand name : Gro Med Blocks

Size: 30x30x12cm
EC: Less than 0.5 ds/m
pH: 5.5-7
Water Expansion : 70 to 75 liters

Gro-Med Blocks are available in customized formulations suiting to different Re-Hydration Capacity (Water absorption) and Air Fill Porosity depends on different types of plants requirement.

Product range

DIY Gro-Kit

DIY Gro-Kit

Ready to grow kits are 100%  organic. 

It includes:

  • 100 % Coir fiber Pot
  • Coco peat disc
  • Plant marker
  • Seeds ( Optional based on market )

The sleeve( packing ) is made up of hand made paper and consists of instructions inside .

Product range

Coir Mulch Mat

Coir Mulch Mat

Coir Mulch mats are made of natural Coconut fibre.

100% eco-friendly and transforms into organic matter on decomposing.

  • Raw Material - Coconut Fibre
  • Color -  Brown or Golden Brown
  • Mat Shape -Round
  • Dia - 20cm to 100cm
  • Thickness - 7 to 9mm

Company profile

Founded in 1980, Vaighai Group is a conglomerate, diversified into manufacturing and export of safety match chemicals and agro products. The group has grown exponentially over the years, with five manufacturing facilities, 1000 employees and customers spread across 55+ countries. In 2012, Vaighai Worldwide ventured into the coir and coco substrate business.

With over four decades of rich experience and exposure to the agro industry, Vaighai Worldwide is now a global leader and India's largest exporter of coir and coco peat substrates. We have helped grow hundreds of our clients crops and their profits, thanks to our meticulous process of producing perfect coco peat - we have proudly named it as Gro-Med . Gro-Med coco substrates and value-added products are currently exported to 55+ countries, across 6 continents.

We offer a wide range of coir and coco substrate products, customized to specific sizes, shapes and specifications pertaining to following applications

  • Professional Horticulture
  • Nursery Farms
  • hobbies gardening
  • Potting substrates
  • landscaping
  • Soil Erosion Control


Vaighai's manufacturing unit is located at Pollachi, Dindigul and Madurai in India. A bustling town in Tamil Nadu, India, Pollachi is considered the hub of coconut and coconut value-added products.

Our manufacturing unit possesses world-class infrastructure to store and process the raw coco peat, concrete drying yards, industry-best material handling equipment, a proficient workforce, streamlined processes ensuring operational efficiency and stringent quality control frameworks.

Additionally, we have outsourced around 80+ manufacturing facilities at strategic locations, that are under the direct supervision of our skilled team of professionals and are governed by Vaighai's quality control processes and frameworks.

Combining our in-house and outsourced units, our annual coco peat production capacity is around 250000 CBM (M3).

product range

We offer compressed 5 kg coco blocks, coco bricks, coco bales, buffered coco bales, grow bags, open top grow bags, coco chips, coco plugs, coir pots, coir poles, propagation cubes, mulch mats, coir geo textiles, and coir logs.

Also, acknowledging customer requirements, we offer special, bespoke mixes of Gro-Med coco peat, coco husk chips and coco mix fiber. We also customize coco peat mixes by pressing coarse or fine coco particle sizes for specific applications on special requests.

quality control

At Vaighai, we follow industry-led quality control processes at all stages - washing, drying, screening, and compressing - to ensure consistent quality parameters of the Gro-Med coco coir products in all our deliveries. Raw coco peat is washed to reduce the EC (Salinity), a critical parameter for a growing medium. Also, the washed coco peat inventory is maintained by agewise, which determines the root growth and stability of the plant.

Vaighai is the world's first coco peat manufacturer and exporter to use Mobile Apps and SaaS-based Portals at all our facilities to capture stage-by-stage quality parameters - from raw coco peat to compressed washed coco peat, along with the logistics status and cargo details of each shipment. The data is fed into our cloud server, which is then pulled for incisive analysis of each shipment from the pith bed until the cargo stuffed into the container. By this way we ensure traceability of quality parameters across the value chain. We assure our customers complete transparency on the delivery and provide the ability to track shipment 24x7.

Our ExproTrac Mobile App for customers swiftly tracks the shipment status and enables them to view complete details about their orders.

Research & Development team

Vaighai's R&D team works around the clock to continuously analyze end-user requirements, and research the applications of coco peat for potting soil manufacturers, professional growers, nursery farms, hobby gardeners and special application segments. A full-fledged laboratory of international standards, acclaimed agronomists and other agro experts constantly innovate to develop new products in the coco substrate stream, while meeting our rigorous quality standards.

Socially Conscious

As a member of society, Vaighai Worldwide is committed to the causes of water conservation and reducing carbon footprint. Our nature of work allows us to be direct contributors to these causes as coco peat is a water absorbent that retains moisture and releases it slowly to plants. This helps avoid water waste. Also, we offer organic products that promote a healthy way of growing and caring for plants, thus doing away with toxic environmental pollutants in the name of fertilizers. We help our customers increase their crop yields and grow more plants, thereby reducing carbon footprint.