Rosenstr. 54
DE 25365 Klein Offenseth-Sparrieshoop

Company profile

W. Kordes‘ Söhne is a rose breeding company and was established in 1887. Kordes is the only breeder, who is breeding all type of roses, which means develops new varieties.

Furtermore Kordes produces garden roses bushes in Germany and distributes them not only in Germany but worldwide for private consumers and wholesales.

Each rose breeding type has its own special focus. At the gardenroses the main focus is on the healthiness of the roses. At the cut- and pot-roses we are looking for durability in the vase and in the shelve and on the production characteristics. Of course all the Kordes roses have to be colorful and attractive win the consumer’s heart. In this sense Kordes is breeding: the most beautiful roses of the world.


The stand in the interactive hall overview

The stand in the interactive hall overview