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Benchmarking 4.0

Benchmarking 4.0

The benchmarking portal "Betriebsvergleich 4.0" is now available to all horticultural enterprises in Germany. With little effort you can avail of a routine check-up for your enterprise that reveals need for action and highlights where economic potential is not yet fully exploited.

You can also use the results from the benchmarking portal for communicating and setting goals for your staff. In addition you can show economic competence and your eagerness to develop the economic performance of your farm during loan acquisition.

The complete functionality of the benchmarking portal can be used anonymously, if you apply for an access token through the official extension service or your tax advisor. Using the portal is possible also independently by registering yourself. In any case, the use of the benchmarking portal is free of charge.

The portal is accessible at https://benchmarking.zbg.uni-hannover.de (in German only). Please check out the given example assessment reports for the different horticultural branches even without registration. The cockpit view gives an overview of evaluation results in terms of the four most relevant dimensions:

  • profitability in the current year
  • profitability in the past year
  • liquidity and
  • personal drawings.

Further gauges show productivity indicators in terms of labour, land and operating profit margin relative to the benchmark farm data from the network.