Wischenstr. 7
DE 26188 Edewecht

Company profile

For more than 80 years, we have demonstrated our competence in the production and sale of nursery plants. Today, our company ranks among Europe's leading container nursery gardens and full-range producers. Right in the heart of Ammerland, Germany's premier nursery garden region, we cultivate quality deciduous trees and conifers, rhododendrons, roses and perennials. As a full-service provider, we are known for quality plants from our own production, excellent customer service both on site and by phone as well as professional marketing.

What we offer

  • The full range (deciduous and coniferous trees, roses, perennials, fruit trees)
  • Consistent, uniform, vigorous quality from our own production - quality made in Germany
  • 80% own production, 20% production by long-term, authorised cultivation partners
  • Regular support from expert support staff on site and by phone
  • Sustainable, organic production with MPS certification
  • Innovative branded products and new developments
  • Extensively and successfully marketed products such as Endless Summer®, BrazelBerry®, XXL plants, Botanico®, etc.
  • All our plants come with attractive photo labels including end consumer information
  • Purchasing aids for garden centres: weekly offers with photos of the best ready-to-sell plants by email and in our online shop
  • Marketing service: Free advertising copy and photos for advertising pull-outs, web sites, posters, information signs etc.
  • Efficient logistics

Sustainable, ecological production
In recognition of our eco-friendly cultivation, our company has received the MPS certificate.
It indicates to customers that these plants have been cultivated with especially low quantities of pesticides, fertilisers and water. We collect our irrigation water, store it in ponds and use it again when needed (water recycling). We keep a constant check on the state of nourishment of our plants by regularly analysing soil samples and applying fertiliser as required. We only spray the plants after they have passed the economic damage threshold. By covering our plants with plastic sheeting, we have considerably reduced our use of herbicides. The MPS label is internationally recognised and used in more than 50 countries.
We're proud of our eco-friendly production Made in Germany!

Professional marketing by our own experts
Unlike most nursery gardens, we have our own marketing department with experts who specialise in strategic brand management, PR, graphic design, online marketing and product management. We design custom labels and matching signs for all plants. Furthermore, we supply informative and contemporary design POS material for our brands and concepts. They highlight the advantages and value of our products in your centre. Our branded products are professionally advertised on all communication channels in the form of ads in popular newspapers and magazines, press releases in popular media, TV reports and postings on common social media channels. This contributes considerably to brand awareness and boosts end consumers' trust.