The Innovation Center for Horticultural Technology in Hall 4 is a forum where trade visitors can expand their knowledge about current and future-oriented technology topics such as sustainability, gate reduction, automation and energy. The forum will be accompanied by an exciting supporting programme.
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The specialist programme is designed with innovative approaches to solutions for potential challenges within the industry and presents products and projects that aim to improve the future of horticultural technology in a sustainable and future-oriented way.
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Kick-off Event

Tuesday, 01/23/2024, 10:30 - 11:30 a.m.

NRW grows - garden shows: The green booster for the life of tomorrow!

Annette Nothnagel (LAGA), Jan Sommer (LAGA), Dr. Achim Schlömer (Deutsche Bundesgartenschau-Gesellschaft), Jochen Sander (Deutsche Bundesgartenschau-Gesellschaft), Horst Fischer (IGA Metropole Ruhr 2027), Eva Kähler-Theuerkauf (Landesverband Gartenbau Nordrhein-Westfalen e.V.), Hans-Christian Eckhardt (Verband Garten-, Landschaft- und Sportplatzbau Nordrhein-Westfalen e.V.)

TUESDAY - 01/23/2024 - Innovations
WEDNESDAY - 01/24/2024 - Technology & AI
THURSDAY - 01/25/2024 - Sustainability
03:00 p.m.- Hochschule Geisenheim
- Luisa Pizzini, B. Sc., David Weinrich, M.A.

Measuring and improving sustainability in private gardens using an app
11:00 a.m.- Hochschule Geisenheim
- Samantha Rubo, M. Sc.

Integrating Artificial Intelligence for Irrigation Scheduling of Open Field Vegetable Crops
10:15 a.m.- IVG/ZVG
- Eva Kähler-Theuerkauf (ZVG), Thomas Kramer (IVG), Ulrike Wegener (GGS), Niels Sommer (BdB)

Press Conference
03:30 p.m.- Yalova University
- Yusuf Evren Doğan

A Method Research for the determining Quality classes on the basis of European Quality Standards for Outdoor Design Plants
11:30 a.m.- ARBOTO
- Nelson Segers

Accelerating tree measurement and inventory in nurseries
11:00 a.m.- IVG-Expert Dialogue
- Philip Testroet, Anik Keller, Peter Menke, Heribert Wettels

Water in the garden - working together for sustainable water use
04:00 p.m.- Generosa
- Rosario Sommer

12:00 p.m.- Grow Director
- Noam Dekel, Pavel Razbegaev

AI in CEA: Early Detection and Prevention of Leaf Diseases
11:30 a.m.- Hochschule Geisenheim
- Benjamin Spehle, M. Sc.

WinUM 2.0 - Communicating the consequences of climate change in the virtual vineyard
04:30 p.m.- AVEMA
- Lothar Grimm

AVEMA ODP-N organic fertiliser - The development of fertilisers from a single source
12:30 p.m.- Insolight
- Veronika Hofer

The agrivoltaic solution provider
12:00 p.m.- Gramoflor
- Ulrike Fockenberg

For responsible growth: Gramoflor on the way to more sustainability
01:00 p.m.- Bilberry
- Krzysztof Dobrynin

Introduction to Plant Photobiology
12:30 p.m.- Kokosflora Substrate
- Ramkumar Palanisamy, Sönke Hartkamp

alternative peat substrates from overseas:kokosflora - a less carbon emission company
01:30 p.m.- B+H Solutions
- Gregor Schneider

Improve the photosynthesis of your plants! B+H Solutions shows you how to do this. An innovation in saving energy!
01:00 p.m.- Verbund HOT
- Prof. Dr. Paul Lampert, Johannes Grote, M. Sc.

Model and demonstration project: "Hobby gardening with peat-reduced and peat-free substrates based on renewable raw materials" (HOT)
03:00 p.m.- Blueming Biotech
- Rafael Herena

Ecometry nano®: A Pocket-Sized Laboratory for Sustainable Agriculture with One-Drop NPK Analysis
01:30 p.m.- Meo Carbon
- Katrin Jaeger

HORTICERT - Certification of sustainable peat substitutes
03:20 p.m.- Pogonia
- Dariusz Bereda

Nature's gift: Ecological fertiliser made from volcanic lava
02:00 p.m.- Stauden Ring
- Nicole Klattenhoff

Green Learning App (Dt./ En)
03:40 p.m.- Euro Plant Tray
- Flora Späth, Dr. Jens Oldenburg (Stiftung Initiative Mehrweg)

Added value through reusability - avoiding of plastic waste with the Euro Plant Tray
03:00 p.m.- Panel discussion
- Sarah von Fintel (Global G.A.P.), Katharina Schwab (FairTrade), John Janssen (SMK/ Nachhaltiger Florist), Maik Mandemaker (MPS), Dr. Karlheinz Kroell (BLUETENPRACHT Frischblumen GmbH)

Certification of plants: license to operate or lucrative step?
04:00 p.m.- Biobest
- Mr. Jakob Wenz

Optimizing IPM Efficiency through Technology
04:30 p.m.- STEP Systems
- Harald Braungardt

Cannabis production: latest developments


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